Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai April 10, 2019 Written Update: Suhasini learns the truth

Today in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we see how Puru Mama suggests that Kartik involve Naira in his business dealings. Later, Naira reveals the news of Gayatri's pregnancy to Suhasini.
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai April 10, 2019 Written Update: Suhasini learns the truthYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai April 10, 2019 Written Update: Suhasini learns the truth
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In previous episode, Gayatri tells Naira the reason she's getting married while Mansi hides a dark secret about Puru Mama. However, his true identity is revealed to Naira. Suhasini tries Kartik and Naira’s call but it goes unreachable. She dials the driver and overhears Kartik speak to Gayu and tell her that her reports were normal. Here, Devyani doubts Gayu’s condition as she feared Gayu’s pregnancy. Devyani herself was a doctor and hence she could understand Gayu’s condition. She calls Naira to confirm the truth but Naira denied, making an excuse. In the meantime, Suhasini tells Surekha to go to the hospital and inquire about the truth. Puru Mama asks for suggestion for the media round when Naira suggests they could promote their projects with BFF – Be Fearless Friends.

Everyone appreciates Naira’s suggestions and Puru Mama appreciates Naira’s intellect. Puru Mama suggests Naira to join the business while she denied saying that she had a lot on her plate. Naira overhears Suhasini’s conversation with Surekha and seeing Naira standing there, Suhasini inquired about the truth from Naira. Naira denies telling anything and Suhasini leaves from there. Later, Naira and Kartik call Gayu and Samarth where Naira suggests they tell the truth to the family. Listening to Naira’s suggestion, Gayu gets anxious and tells Naira that she will feel guilty if the truth about her pregnancy was out. Naira tries to explain everyone about the seriousness of the situation and tells that Suhasini was doubting on Gayu. Samarth backs Gayu and tells Naira that let the marriage happen and then they can reveal the truth to everyone. Naira became adamant to reveal the truth and apologised to Gayu for taking a stern step.

Just while Naira, Kartik, Gayu and Samarth were conversing, Suhasini comes and asks Naira about the truth she wanted to speak about. Naira tells Suhasini the truth while they try to explain Suhasini about how Samarth had chosen Gayu in spite of knowing the truth. Without saying a word, Suhasini leaves from there while Gayu gets worried that Suhasini would cancel the marriage. Naira and Kartik were looking for Suhasini when Surekha informs them that she had gone to the Singhania house. They all leave for the Singhania house and come home to see that Suhasini was taking part in the marriage decisions. Naira asks Suhasini whether or not she had forgiven them.

Suhasini tells Naira that since Samarth was with Gayu, she will take part in all the rituals as a family member and that they shouldn’t bother whether or not she was happy. Suhasini comes home and tells the truth to Manish and Akhil. They all get shocked to learn that Kartik and Naira along with Gayu and Samarth had kept the truth hidden from them. Samarth tries to explain an angry Suhasini who was adamant not to listen to him. She boasts about the importance of blood relations and tells Samarth that Gayu’s child was not his own.  

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