Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai April 12, 2019 Written Update: Mansi exposes Puru Mama

Today in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we see how at Gayu's marriage ceremony, Puru Mama Invites Naira to accompany him while Mansi exposes his true colours.
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai April 12, 2019 Written Update: Mansi exposes Puru MamaYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai April 12, 2019 Written Update: Mansi exposes Puru Mama
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In previous episode, the Goenkas are shocked as Dadi accepts Gayatri. Later, an infuriated Naira takes a courageous step when Dadi plans to abort Gayatri's child. Listening to Naira, Suhasini gives up and feels guilty for her behaviour. Suhasini appreciates Naira for being a good human being. Kartik assured Naira that Suhasini’s acceptance to the truth was a big thing and that everything will soon be okay. Seeing everyone sad, Kartik tells everyone to cheer up and celebrate as Gayu and Samarth were in the room and had not eloped. Puru Mama had brought his camera and decides to take everyone’s pictures while Illa planned to click the couple. Later, Naira had thanked Puru Mama for supporting her decision. Seeing an opportunity, Puru tells Naira to join their project if she really wanted to thank him.

The celebration begins with everyone dancing and celebrating. Seeing Gayu upset, Kirti explained Gayu that she should never create a situation where she compares Samarth with Vivaan. Kirti also tells Gayu that she doesn’t have to force herself to forget Vivaan but to make sure that she doesn’t hurt Samarth by any means. Later, Manish tells Suhasini to accept Gayu completely. While everyone was dancing, Mansi noticed Puru Mama to come close to Naira intentionally and she gets agitated by his behavior. To everyone’s shock Mansi pushes Puru Mama and tells him to put an end to his lousy behaviour. She blames Puru Mama for molesting her in her chikdhood.

She went on exposing Puru Mama’s truth in front of everyone while Suhasini tells Mansi to stop. Naira tells Suhasini to let Mansi speak and asks her for the things she wanted to tell everyone. Mansi tells everyone how Puru Mama had taken advantage of her in her childhood. Her imagination comes to an end when she realizes that all that she was thinking was just her imagination. Later, Naira gets worried as Puru Mama had told her to make the presentation for the project she had agreed to work on. While working Kartik and Naira spend some quality time together, helping each other in their work. Naira gets late for her work the next morning but sees Kartik’s efforts with which he had prepared for her first day at work.

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