Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai April 9, 2019 Written Update: Puru Mama’s dark side revealed

Today in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we see how Gayatri tells Naira the reason she's getting married while Mansi hides a dark secret about Puru Mama. However, his true identity is revealed to Naira.
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai April 9, 2019 Written Update: Puru Mama’s dark side revealedYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai April 9, 2019 Written Update: Puru Mama’s dark side revealed
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In previous episode, we see how Suhasini suspects foul play when Gayatri agrees to marry Samarth. Later, Puru Mama plans to hang out with Naira in Kartik's absence. Suhasini wished for a grand wedding for Samarth and Gayatri and while Naira tried to oppose her decision, Rama surrenders to Suhasini’s wish. Gayatri tells Naira that she is ready for the marriage and that she should not worry for her. Here, Puru Mama places his trust on Kartik and motivates him towards building a successful empire. Puru Mama offered Anmol for a fresh project however expressed his concerns as Mansi had denied to take the offer. Suhasini tells Puru to let it go as the children don’t listen to anybody these days. Mansi was listening to everything that was going in the hallway and recollects her past incidents with Puru Mama. Puru Mama had come in her room one night when she was young and had misbehaved with her.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Suhasini wanted to go to the jeweller to pick unique designs which had come in the store. Naira stayed at home as she had to take Gayu to the gynaecologist while Kartik left for a small work which he insisted on completing. Not getting the phone of the person Kartik went to meet reachable, he dials Anmol to ask about the person. Mansi learned about Naira being alone at home and worried for her well-being. While Naira was in the kitchen, busy preparing a meal for everyone, Puru Mama comes and startles her. Naira drops a glass container on the floor and Puru Mama offers to help her clean, touching her at every given opportunity. Puru Mama makes an excuse of having headache and Naira offers to prepare tea for him.

She suggested Puru Mama go to take rest while she will get him the tea. Puru Mama requested Naira to serve him the tea in his bedroom and was looking forward to execute his evil plan. While Kartik was in dilemma whether or not to wait for the person as Puru Mama had told him not to come home before he completed his work. Here, Puru Mama holds Naira by her hand while she struggled to escape from his hold. Kartik comes in the room and sees Puru Mama hold Naira’s hand but he makes an excuse of insect bite on Naira’s hand. Puru Mama tells Kartik to take Naira to the hospital while he gets aroused to find obstacles in his path to come closer to Naira everytime he tried. Naira and Kartik take Gayu to the hospital and doctor treats Naira’s wound also.

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