Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, July 21, 2021, Written Update: Sirat takes a resolution

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, July 21, 2021, Written Update: Sirat takes a resolution

The episode starts with Sirat taking Ranveer to the hospital. Kartik is in thought if Ranveer told Sirat the truth. Sirat asks the doctor what has happened to Ranveer. Doctor tells her that he had informed Kartik that the disease will spread like poison in his body, he will get critical, and that he doesn’t have much time left. 

Sirat is in shock after finding this out. She is angry with Kartik for not informing her the same. Kartik explains to her that this time, Ranveer needs her and that getting angry or shouting at him will result in nothing. He asks her to go and talk to him and sit with him and that something good might happen. 

All this is heard by Chauhan and Saroj and this leaves them shocked too. Ranveer gains consciousness, looks at Sirat, and asks for forgiveness as he is leaving her very soon. Looking at this, Kartik prays to Lord Krishna and asks to end their sorrows. 

Kartik tells Ranveer to keep hopes as nothing bad will happen to him. But Ranveer knows that his time has come. Sirat tells the doctor that she wants Ranveer to survive. Doctor gives her a clear statement that the chances are very low. The doctor further says that they can proceed with the operation but can't guarantee that it would be a successful one. But still, Sirat tells the doctor to get ready for the operation. 

Kartik tries to explain Sirat to take Ranveer's opinion also into consideration as the operation can turn things upside down.

Chauhan blames Kartik and Sirat for his son's condition. Ranveer warns his father that he won't say anything to both of them. Finally, Sirat decides to give Ranveer all the happiness and spend every single second with him. 

But will Ranveer survive still remains the big question?

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