Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai June 10, 2019 Written Update: Naira and Kartik’s new life

Today in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we see how while Naira is unable to move on with life, Kartik is thrilled about his son's first day at school. Later, Naira refuses to share her past with Lisa.
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai June 10, 2019 Written Update: Naira and Kartik’s new life
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In the last episode, we see how Kartik is furious with Naira. An upset Naira meets with a fatal accident. Later, a shocking news shatters Kartik and the Goenkas. The episode starts with Naira daydreaming about Kartik and her after five years of her life in Goa which she spent alone. She tells herself that she needs to remain strong and that she shouldn’t think about Kartik anymore. While she was exercising near the beach, she sees a girl drowning in the beach and rushes to rescue her. She motivates the girl to remain strong while the latter remains unconscious. Lisa joins Naira and appreciates her strength and risk-taking attitude. Seeing Naira in a grave mood, Lisa asks her about her past, however, Naira remains silent like she always did. Lisa promises her that one day she would make her tell her (Lisa) about her past life and the reason for her sadness.

Naira measures her way towards her home when someone clicks her pictures, hiding behind a tree. She tells the person to not click her pictures, as she did not like to be clicked. The person stops clicking and Naira worried as she thought she had offended him. She goes home and look for him and finds her son resting on the hammock. She apologises to him while he was in a playful mood. Naira’s son Karav tells her that it was his first day at school and that she forgot to get him ready. She gets sad at the thought of Karav going to school, as she had protected Karav from the world from last five years. Later, she goes to drop Karav at school and meets the Father. She confides in him and tells him about her worries. She tells him that now it was time for her to let her guard down and send Karav to school.

She also tells him that she feared Karav might ask her questions about his father. The Father assures Naira that everything will fall in place and that she did not have to worry. Here, Kartik was thrilled about his son’s first day at school and wanted to celebrate the day. Suhasini tells Kartik not to spoil his son, Vansh as that wasn’t the right way to raise a child. Kartik tells Suhasini that it was Vansh’s big day and that called for a celebration. In the meantime, Manish was seen near his sports bike and transformed into a cool personality, riding a bike and wearing biker’s clothes. Suwarna teases him and tells that he was getting younger in his old age. The Goenka’s join the celebration and everyone danced. Later, Kartik checks Vansh’s bag to make sure all the items necessary for school was kept. He realises the water bottle was missing and calls Vansh’s mother, who brings his bottle.

Everyone praises her to be organised. In the meantime, the teacher hands a name tag to Karav and tells him to get it filled by the name and number of either his mother or father. Karav gets baffled at the mention of his father and comes out of the school with a sad face. Looking at Karav’s face, Naira gets worried and asks him to tell her what the matter was. Karav was a jovial kid and he breaks into laughter, telling Naira that it was one of his prank. In the meantime, Kartik reminisces his moments spent with Naira and gets emotional. 

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Plsss bring kaira together

Please bring kaira together. We want them to be together karthik and naira

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