Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai May 16, 2019 Written Update: Naira hurts Kartik

Today in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we see how Kartik, who is already frustrated with rejections, gets shocked when Naira tells him the truth. Later, Suhasini informs her of Kartik's illness.
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai May 16, 2019 Written Update: Naira hurts KartikYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai May 16, 2019 Written Update: Naira hurts Kartik
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In the previous episode, we see how Suhasini instigates Kartik against Naira. Later, she forbids Naira from attending an important meeting while a depressing news awaits Kartik. Surekha brings to everyone’s notice that Kartik was cropped in one of the pictures and Naira gets disgusted by noticing the same. Kartik gets irritated and tells everyone not to drag this matter any further. Later, Naira decides her clothes for her travel and tells Kartik that it will take her time to reach where he was. Meanwhile, Kartik gets a new requirement from Jadejas and gets annoyed at their time and again changes. Manish joins them and tells Kartik about his worry that the Jadejas were not locking any designs, however, they will be expecting the delivery on time. Hence, he tells Kartik to sort the issue with the clients.

Kartik gets a call from his designer and he blurts his anger on him. Manish notices a change in Kartik’s behaviour and seeing the pressure on him, offers to handle the project. Kartik assures Manish that he would be able to sort the matter, just when Naira gets a call from Mihir. She excuses herself and shares the trouble Jadejas were giving to Kartik and his company. Mihir gets irritated and tells Naira that he had called to discuss their designs and not Jadejas. He also tells Naira that whether they like or not, there was an indirect competition between MK and the Goenkas. He tells Naira not to waste time in useless discussions and come to the office, from where they would leave for Delhi. Later, Kartik gets a call from Jadejas’ manager, who tells him that they couldn’t finalize the designs as the bride’s side’s designs were better than theirs. Kartik lashes out at the manager and tells him that if he liked the bride’s sides’ designs more than theirs, they should give their order to them.

Just then, Akhil comes and tells Kartik that the Jadejas had processed the advances and that they could send the jewelleries for making. Kartik gets baffled as the manager was having a different outlook on the whole incident. Akhil tells him that the Jadejas had spoken to Mihir Kapoor, who convinced the Jadejas that there would be variety in the designs if two companies make the jewelleries. Manish and Kartik wondered how Mihir came to know about what hurdles the Goenkas were facing and the pain Jadejas were giving them, just when Kartik looks at Naira with suspicion. Naira tells them that she had told Mihir about the issue as she wanted to know what was the real problem. Kartik gets angry on Naira and asks her why did she have to share their insides with his competitors. Naira tries to reason out and she tells him that possibly Mihir had liked his designs that is why he had praised them in front of the Jadejas and that she hasn’t told him to speak for them.

Kartik gets raged and tells her that he can handle his clients on his own and that he did not need an outsiders help. Naira apologises to Kartik, however, he tells Naira that no business house shares their business secrets or insides with the other. Kartik also tells Naira that if the news of Mihir’s referral spreads, the Goenkas will have to face a lot of embarrassment in the market. Before the matter escalated, Manish tells them to stop the discussion. Naira gets a call from Shukla and leaves for office with a heavy heart and regret of disappointing Kartik. Seeing Naira’s disappointed face while leaving, Kartik calls her and pacifies things between them. Here, Kirti teaches Lacchi eating manners, however, she gets annoyed by continuous interruptions. Devyani follows Lacchi to keep her in check, but she finds Lacchi sleeping and leaves. Seeing Devyani leave, Lacchi assembles all the expensive things and leaves from the house. Naira sees Lacchi in the market and calls Kirti to make sure.

Kirti tells Naira that Lacchi was in her room as she was not keeping well and assured Naira that she was sleeping. Kirti comes to check on Lacchi but before she could pull the blanket to check on her, Krish started crying and she gets distracted. Later, Swarna comes to Kartik’s room to serve him coffee, when she comes to know that Kartik was down with high fever. Suhasini gathers the whole family and tells them to call Naira home as Kartik was not keeping well. Kartik tried to stop Suhasini from calling Naira back, but she informs her about his ill health and accuses her for not keeping a check on her husband’s health. Naira gets worried to learn about Kartik’s health.  

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