Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai November 28, 2019 Written Update: Akshat kidnaps Kairav and demands ransom

Today in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the family gets worried as Kairav goes missing. Later, Akshat calls up Kartik to demand ransom from him.
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai November 28, 2019 Written Update: Akshat kidnaps Kairav and demands ransom Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai November 28, 2019 Written Update: Akshat kidnaps Kairav and demands ransom
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In today’s episode, the family supports Vedika and they all feel relieved that she told them the truth. Meanwhile, as Kairav, Vansh and their friends play, their ball goes toward the bushes. As Kairav goes to get it, he doesn’t return. Vansh calls out for the driver and Santoshi as Kairav doesn’t come back. They all get worried as Santoshi finds Kairav’s shoe behind the bushes. Santoshi calls Kartik. Kartik hands the phone to Naira and Santoshi informs her that Kairav has gone missing. Naira exclaims in shock and runs outside. She asks Kartik to follow her. She tells Kartik that Kairav is nowhere to be found in the park. Akshat tries Kairav’s mouth with a cloth and picks him up to take him away. The entire family arrives at the park. Santoshi explains to them what happened. Kartik scolds the driver and Santoshi for being so irresponsible. Everyone begins to look for Kairav around the park. Later, Vedika finds Akshat’s bracelet on a tree. She informs everyone that this might be Akshat’s doing. 


Akshat puts Kairav in an ice cream trolley. Vedika tries to call Akshat but his phone turns out to be switched off. They ask the police for help and ask them to trace Akshat’s phone’s location. Akshat takes Kairav in the trolley right from front of everyone but they don’t realise it as he was disguised as an ice cream vendor. Naira breakdowns and asks Kartik to get Kairav back. Kairav finds Akshat’s phone inside the trolley and somehow manages to call the last number that was dialled. Vedika gets a video call from Akshat’s phone and as they pick it up they hear Kairav’s voice asking for help. Akshat hears some noise and opens the container to check and sees Kairav using his phone. As light falls on Kairav, everyone sees him tied up. They see Akshat grabbing the phone and switching it off. Naira notices that the place looked like it had an ice cream vendor’s menu on it. They soon find a stranded ice cream trolley but by that time Akshat had taken Kairav away in a car. 


Akshat calls Kartik to demand ransom and asks them to come at the place and time he tells with the money. Kartik and Naira decide to save Kairav no matter whatever Akshat demands. Vedika pleads them to take her along as she knows Akshat very well and can help them. Naira agrees with her as dadi taunts Vedika. Kartik and Naira reach the place Akshat mentioned with the money. Vedika, Naksh and Samarth keep a watch on them from afar and informs the police about their moves. Naira sees some arrows showing them the direction. They follow the arrows and place the bag of money where the board asks them to. They go further to look for Kairav. They search him in a stranded trash can but only find leaves and Akshat’s note in there. In the note, Akshat says that the place was too dirty to keep Kairav so they need to keep on looking. Naira and Kartik feel helpless. Vedika, Samarth, Naksh and the police search the jungle for Kairav. Suddenly, Vedika goes astray and sees something shocking. Samarth and Naksh wonder if Akshat kidnapped Vedika too.

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