Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai November 29, 2019 Written Update: Vedika saves Kairav

Today in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Vedika risks her life to save Kairav. Later, Naira confesses her love for Kartik.
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai November 29, 2019 Written Update: Vedika saves Kairav Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai November 29, 2019 Written Update: Vedika saves Kairav
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In today’s episode, Vedika sees Akshat throw Kairav down from the bridge. After he leaves, he rushes to see Kairav. Naira and Kartik follow the arrows and keep searching for Kairav. Vedika hesitates to look over the bridge as she expected to see Kairav dead. But as she leans over, she sees that the rope with which Akshat had tied Kairav had gotten tangled over a pipe and prevented Kairav from falling off the bridge. She doesn’t call out to Naira and Kartik as Akshat might still be nearby and would come back if he hears her voice. She decides to climb down to save Kairav herself. She takes off her shoes and climbs down using the support of a lanky tree. She sees Kairav’s rope slowly slipping off the pipe and gets even more worried. She pulls Kairav and holds him carefully. Naira sees Vedika holding onto Kairav in a very risky place. She yells their names and Akshat and Kartik hear it. Akshat wonders why did Naira utter Vedika’s name along with Kairav as he had thrown him off the bridge. Samarth, Naksh and the police also hear Naira's voice. 


Vedika lifts Kairav so that he can reach the railing and climb on the top. Kartik and Naira reach there and help Kairav by pulling him up. They hug Kairav as he gets saved. Vedika struggles to climb up and she slips but Kartik and Naira save her in time. They hold her hand and pull her up. Naira thanks Vedika for saving Kairav’s life. Kairav hugs Kartik but later sees Akshat standing afar watching them. He points out towards him and says that he was the one who took him away. Kartik sees Akshat and runs behind him. As Kartik chases Akshat, Naira hands over Kairav to Vedika and asks her to take care of him. She also follows Kartik and runs in his direction. Kartik and Akshat get into a fight and both of them punch each other. Soon as Kartik overpowers Akshat, Akshat cunningly throws mud in his face to blind him. He hits Kartik after he gets mud in his eyes. Naira rushes there and sees Akshat beating up Kartik. She quickly picks up a rod lying nearby and attacks Akshat. She beats him up until he falls on the ground injured. Kartik stops Naira and asks her to leave to protect her. After Akshat becomes passive, Naira sees that Kartik is about to trip over some rocks and fall. She quickly saves him by pulling his arm and ends up hugging him. 


They both fall and Naira holds Kartik in her lap. Kartik asks her why did she come here and put herself in danger. Naira cries and tells Kartik that Akshat was beating him up and she couldn’t just stand and watch him. She was filled with rage when she saw Akshat hitting him which is why she attacked Akshat. Naira also feels sad that she got so scared and couldn’t do much. Kartik asks her what more did she want to do. He tells her that he wouldn’t have been able to bear if anything would’ve happened to her. Naira gets frustrated and tells Kartik that even she couldn’t bear to see him getting beaten up. Naira tells Kartik that she wanted to confess that she loves him too but he never listened to her just like he does every time. Both of them hug each other and drown in each other’s eyes. Vedika sees them together and overhears them. Samarth, Naksh and the police arrive and Naira tells them the direction in which Akshat ran. They run to catch him as he must’ve not gone too far because of his injury. Vedika sees Kartik’s forehead is swollen and gets concerned. Later, she thanks Naira for saving Kartik and calls him her husband. She apologises later as she didn’t intend to say it like that. 

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