Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 5th October 2017, Episode No. 2489: Naira persuades Naksh to go ahead with his Marriage procession without Naitik.

Naksh goes missing on his wedding day.
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The Episode starts with Bhabhimaa saying baraat won’t go without Naitik. Naira says Bau Ji can do sehra rasam. They refuse. Naira says Naitik said everything should be as per mahurat. Naksh asks her to tell Dadi to get another mahurat. She asks what about those who are waiting for baraat. He says I will apologize to them, baraat won’t go without Papa. Naira says fine, don’t do marriage, you call them and tell this, let them get hurt. 

Bau Ji says Naira is right, Naitik would have thought well, else which dad won’t wish to make his son wear sehra. He asks Naksh to trust them, they will take baraat. Naira messages Kartik that Naksh is much upset and she is scared. She makes Naksh sit. She does his tilak and aarti. Naira makes him wear the pearls necklace. She ties the sehra. Everyone smiles. 

Kartik says Naitik doesn’t want this marriage to stop, we have to respect his wish. Dadi asks about Naira. Kartik says I will do all work, tell me. Dadi asks him to come. He says Naira and I will manage everything. Naksh stops at the door. Yash asks what happened. Naksh steps out. He gets a call. Bau Ji asks Yash to get band baaja. Naksh talks to the lawyer. Naira remarks her happiness is half. Naksh asks what, Papa can’t come, he has to go court tomorrow. Lawyer says yes. Naksh gets sad. Naira asks him to come. 

Dadi says its time for mahurat. Aryan tells servant that he has changed as his uniform got spoiled. He says why will anyone ask me, rich people don’t care, I also look rich, they won’t doubt on me, I m rich from the heart. Dadi asks Kartik to ask Naira. Kartik says she will come, it's her brother’s baraat. Dadi says she should be here to welcome baraat

He says she is needed more there. She says we are no one to her. Naira comes. They all ask why did she come alone. Kartik asks Naira where is baraat, the message was confusing, what happened, could you not convince them. Baraat comes. They all smile. Kartik says I know what you are going through. She asks will everything happen well. He nods. 

Naira says I promised you Dadi, I will come early to welcome baraat. Dadi nods. Everyone dances in baraat. Naitik sees Akshara’s picture and says sorry Akshara, I m an unfortunate dad, I became the reason of my son’s sorrow, don’t know how many sorrows are written in his life because of me, we are not with him today, our son what shall I do. 

Naira stops Dadi and says I have to get fun from both teams. Kartik asks where is she going. She asks him to treat them well, get our welcome done. He asks her to dance in baraat. She says I will dance in my brother’s marriage. Naira and Ananya dance. Everyone dances around Naksh. Naira hugs Naksh. Everyone claps. 

Naira says Dadi, give me aarti plate, now Dulhan’s bhabhi will do groom’s aarti. Naira does tilak and aarti of Naksh and thinks how to tell Naksh that Naitik can’t come in the marriage. Naksh thinks the same. Manish and Dadi ask about Naitik. Bau Ji says Naitik missed the flight, he didn’t wish to go, but what can he do, he said all rasams should happen on mahurat. Dadi welcomes them.

Devyaani asks Naksh to touch toran in one go. Naksh does the ritual. Kartik says Naitik doesn’t want to tell anyone, so he told you, be strong, I know Naksh is upset, but marriage has to happen, it's better that he agrees to marry by his wish. Naira asks how will we convince him for pheras. Kids run and make drink fall over Naksh. Rajshri says it happens. 

Devyaani asks Naksh to go and clean his clothes. Naira asks Lord why is he doing this, everyone wanted to see Naksh’s marriage, today Mumma and Papa are not here, either send my Papa or make Naksh’s mood fine, this marriage should get happiness for us, it should be memorable. Yash calls out Naksh and looks for him. He calls Naksh. He says you can't-do this Naksh, you are feeling lonely without Naitik, but you can’t leave the marriage. Naira asks where is Naksh. Yash says don’t know, I m sure he got tensed, I told him not to have such forced marriage, he is marrying Kirti against his will. Naira gets shocked.

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