Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, June 12: Armaan calls off his wedding with Ruhi

In today's episode (June 12) of YRKKH, Armaan reluctantly takes Baraat for Ruhi. Meanwhile, Madhav tries to arrive at the Poddar house before it’s too late.

Published on Jun 12, 2024  |  04:28 PM IST |  80.9K
Samridhii Shukla, Rohit Purohit
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (PC: Star Plus Youtube)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, June 12, 2024, episode: The episode starts with Armaan and Abhira shedding tears while remembering each other. Kaveri spots Armaan in a distressed condition. Poddars prepare for Baraat and make Armaan perform the rituals. 

Madhav struggles to reach Poddar house

Kajal takes Sanjay aside and asks him if there is any progress in Abhira and Armaan’s divorce case. He says he is trying. Sanjay reveals that Madhav is missing from the hospital. Vidya overhears and questions Sanjay. He makes an excuse and lies to Vidya, assuring her that Madhav is arriving soon. Vidya gets happy and thanks Sanjay.

Madhav is shown walking on the road. He asks a man about the date and realizes that it is Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding day. He gets restless and hires an auto, but the driver refuses to help him.

Abhira sees the Haldi color on her hand and tries to remove it. She is amazed at her fate and says that Armaan is marrying Ruhi, but all the wedding customs are happening with her. Abhira asks God to stop playing with her emotions.

Abhira and Armaan fail to see each other

Krish suggests that Armaan go to Mussoorie and bring Abhira back home. Aryan and Kiara also encourage him not to let go of Abhira, as his life is incomplete without her. They make efforts to convince Armaan to fight for his love, but he doesn’t listen to them. Charu asks Armaan to join the dance. Everybody dances while Armaan dreams about Abhira. 


Abhira makes up her mind to finally bid adieu to Armaan. She sees the Baraat. Armaan finds her bangle on the ground. Abhira and Armaan feel each other’s presence. Armaan takes it as a sign of destiny. He tries to make the tortoise toy visible to Abhira, but Kaveri stops him and asks Armaan to move on with his life. The bus conductor shuts the door.

Goenkas receive the Baraat

Manish meets Sushant and expresses his concern about Ruhi or other family members finding out their secret. Sushant mentions that Manish has spent a lot of money on the marriage. Manish reassures him, saying he will return the money with interest. Swarna overhears their conversation and inquires about it.

Manish says they invested in stocks and evades Swarna’s query by diverting her attention toward the Baraat. Ruhi rushes to the window and feels elated upon spotting Armaan. She goes to Neil and Aarohi’s picture to seek their blessings. However, the diya blows out, making Ruhi sad. She shuts the window.


Manish and Swarna welcome Armaan. Swarna and Surekha come to take Ruhi. She shares her concern about the diya. Swarna consoles her and prays for Ruhi. Surekha hints that maybe Ruhi was asking for the wrong thing and her mother just showed her the right path. 

Armaan admits his love for Abhira in front of Ruhi

Armaan is unable to shake off thoughts of Abhira. He messages Abhira, who makes the bus stop after reading Armaan’s note.

Vidya tries to contact Madhav, hoping to see him at the wedding for Armaan’s sake. Sanjay calls the judge and learns that Abhira and Armaan’s separation will take another two weeks. Kajal says this marriage can’t happen now and moves to stop it. However, Sanjay doesn’t let her do it.

Manish takes Armaan to the stage, with Ruhi joining them. Armaan and Ruhi take the garlands. Ruhi wonders why Armaan isn’t happy. As she begins to put the garland on Armaan, he asserts that he loves Abhira. Ruhi is shocked. The episode ends here


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