Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, June 16: Madhav asks Abhira to put Armaan’s love to test

In today's episode (June 16) of YRKKH, Madhav makes Abhira understand how Armaan is not trustworthy. Later, she follows his words by rejecting Armaan’s love.

Published on Jun 16, 2024  |  02:09 PM IST |  103.1K
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, June 15, 2024, episode: The episode begins with Abhira hoping that Armaan will reciprocate her love. Madhav explains to Abhira that it doesn’t matter whether Armaan loves her or not because he cannot keep his promise. 

He questions Armaan’s love for her and doubts if he will be able to show commitment to Abhira and not come under the Poddars' influence again. 

Madhav’s wise words affect Abhira

Abhira says that Armaan broke his marriage. However, Madhav doesn’t approve of Armaan calling off his wedding with Ruhi. Instead, he sees it as proof of how Armaan can never be trusted. 

Madhav feels that Armaan can get easily manipulated by Poddars and he is strictly under the control of his family. Abhira resonates with Madhav’s thinking. She agrees to the fact that Armaan did show support to her at one point but also disowned her at his convenience. 

Abhira says she can’t make Armaan let go of his strong family ties as they have a lot of expectations from him. Madhav asserts that Armaan always puts the family first and he cannot prioritize anything else beyond them. 

Kaveri sticks to her stance and refuses to accept Abhira and Armaan. Manisha tries to convince her by telling her that Abhira will only enter the house after marrying Armaan. However, Kaveri remains adamant about not welcoming Abhira into the family. 


Kajal gets concerned about the situation. She decides to have a word with Kaveri about Abhira and Armaan’s pending divorce. But Sanjay doesn’t let her do so and drags her away before she can approach Kaveri. 

Kajal warns Sanjay to locate Madhav, or else she will unveil the truth behind Abhira and Armaan’s separation in front of Kaveri.

Abhira and Armaan’s emotional reunion

Madhav suggests Abhira to test Armaan’s love. He tries to make her understand that if Kaveri asks Armaan to choose between her and the family, he may choose the latter over her. 

Abhira gets hesitant and questions Madhav how he can be so sure. Madhav then recalls his own experience where Poddars made him make a similar decision due to his mother-in-law’s objection. He remembers Armaan’s mother. 

Madhav motivates Abhira to take a stand for her self-respect and take charge of her relationship with Armaan. He advises Abhira to let Armaan make an effort to resolve the issues between them. Abhira gets his viewpoint and informs Madhav that Armaan needs to earn her trust. Madhav extends his support to Abhira.


Armaan plans to meet Abhira. Madhav opens the door. Armaan urges him to let him see Abhira. Madhav denies his request. Armaan gets frustrated and asks him to leave. 

Madhav inquires if he took Kaveri’s permission before meeting Abhira. Armaan pleads with Madhav to allow him to meet Abhira. Abhira and Armaan reunite, leaving Madhav shocked. 

Armaan apologizes for hurting Abhira in the past. He professes his love for her and expects her to support him. He lovingly refers to Abhira as his everything.

Abhira is stunned to hear Armaan’s love confession. But she does not acknowledge it and tells Armaan to go back. She says she cannot trust him anymore. Armaan promises to always be there for Abhira. 
Madhav throws him out of the house. Armaan makes efforts to convince Abhira, but she chooses to ignore him. The episode ends here.

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