Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, June 22: Abhira administers aid to Armaan’s wound

In today's episode (June 22) of YRKKH, Abhira fails to find any doctor to treat Armaan’s injury. She takes the case in her hands and puts medicine on Armaan’s wound.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, June 22, 2024, episode: The episode kicks off with Abhira removing the knife from Armaan’s body, prompting him to scream in pain. She quickly ties a piece of cloth to his wound.   

Abhira treats Armaan under doctor’s supervision

Manisha tries to reach Abhira, but she doesn’t pick up her call. Vidya gets worried. Manisha suggests that Abhira might be in some trouble. Meanwhile, Abhira strives to find a way to take Armaan to the hospital. She motivates Armaan to remain conscious. 

Vidya prays for Abhira and Armaan. Manisha and Kaveri look on. Abhira manages to bring Armaan home and closes the door. She makes a call to the doctor and asks to speak with Dr. Joshi. Abhira tells the doctor that her husband is injured and urges him to come. He declines Abhira’s request, stating that there is a huge crowd in the hospital and he has the responsibility to save many lives at present. 

Abhira pleads with Dr. Joshi, but he does not give in. However, Abhira’s desperation to save Armaan makes him provide guidance to her. The doctor directs Abhira on how to assist Armaan herself. She momentarily leaves Armaan at home and rushes to a chemist store to get the medicine.

As Abhira returns, Armaan struggles to come to the door and open it. Abhira holds him firmly and shuts the door. The goons demand them to open the door, but Abhira doesn’t pay heed to them. She tears off Armaan’s t-shirt and removes it.


Abhira and Armaan share a moment of intimacy while she attends to his injury. Abhira asks Armaan to stay strong and endure the discomfort for her sake. Armaan assures her that he can withstand any pain for her. He wipes off her tears while she reminds him to consume the medicines. Armaan declares how much they love each other and suggests they should start afresh. Abhira ignores this and asks him to take rest. Armaan says he feels at ease when he is with Abhira. As he continues to beg Abhira, she ends up reminding him of his past affair with Ruhi. Armaan is about to say something important but feels dizzy and subsequently faints.

Kaveri confronts Vidya

Abhira receives a call from Manisha, who inquires about her well-being and questions if Armaan is with her. Abhira confirms that Armaan is indeed with her but disconnects the call with a promise to call later. Kaveri gets furious at Abhira for not letting them talk to Armaan. Manisha assures that Armaan must be fine if he is with Abhira. Krish stands in support of Abhira. 


Abhira asks Armaan to wake up and feeds him the medicines. Armaan asks Abhira not to leave him, and she agrees to remain by his side.

Kajal insists that Abhira should take care of Armaan, while Sanjay calls her selfish. Manisha and Manoj believe Sanjay did wrong to Abhira and troubles her a lot. This leads to a heated argument between them. Kaveri and Vidya get concerned about the situation.

Abhira and Armaan fall asleep while holding each other. Madhav arrives back and witnesses their closeness. Madhav shows his care towards Armaan, but Armaan remains cold to him.

Madhav asks Abhira to make Armaan wear his coat. Armaan says he is leaving. Before exiting, he expresses his love to Abhira and tells her that he can wait for her all his life. Armaan also clarifies to Abhira that he is in no hurry and that she can take her time to come up with an answer.


Kaveri and Vidya discuss Madhav and Armaan’s stubbornness. Kaveri blames Vidya for not being able to handle them. She calls her a weak wife and mother. Kaveri also blames Vidya for hiding Armaan and Ruhi’s relationship from her and letting Ruhi cheat on Rohit. Vidya asserts that Armaan is happy with Abhira. Kaveri asks if she will accept Abhira.

Armaan meets his cousins at a café. He requests them not to share details about his injury with anyone at home. After a brief conversation, Armaan begins to leave. Krish hands over a lantern to him and wishes him good luck. They all share a group hug. The episode concludes here.

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