Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, June 25: Armaan fumes with anger; confronts Kaveri

In today's episode (June 25) of YRKKH, Abhira alleges Armaan of manipulating her as well as Ruhi. Later on, Armaan confronts Kaveri.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  01:36 PM IST |  56.7K
Samridhii Shukla, Rohit Purohit
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, June 25, 2024, episode: The episode begins with Armaan trying to convince Abhira that he did not lie to her. Abhira keeps on expressing her disappointment at Armaan for not sharing the truth about his love affair with Ruhi. She goes on to reveal that Kaveri and Ruhi unveiled the facts to her. 

Abhira tells Armaan to never show his face again 

Armaan states that he only loves Abhira, while she refuses to believe him. Abhira accuses Armaan of playing with her and Ruhi’s emotions. She questions him why he chose to hide that Ruhi was his ex-partner. Armaan continues to save his relationship with Abhira and begs her to understand his viewpoint. He gets afraid of losing Abhira.  

Despite Armaan’s pleading, Abhira announces breaking all ties with him. He says that he cannot live without her. Abhira suggests he forget her completely. Armaan requests Abhira to listen to his clarification once. Abhira tells Armaan to never try to meet her again. Armaan asks Abhira not to leave her. 

Manisha, Manoj, Krish, Aryan, and Kiara get happy thinking about the reconciliation of Abhira and Armaan. They await the couple’s return to the Poddar house. 

Kaveri notices Manisha dancing and goes on to inquire about the reason behind her jubilation. Manisha replies that Abhira and Armaan have sorted out their differences and misunderstandings and that they are going to reunite soon. Kaveri makes a taunting remark hinting at Manisha harboring false hopes. 


Abhira questions God for showing her dreams about love and family again and again. She takes the pledge to not get affected by all this anymore and to move on in life. 

Abhira witnesses a man proposing to a girl. She gets prompted to warn the lady. Abhira immediately reaches out to her and advises the girl not to trust any men as they are liars. She further tells her to come out of her delusional life and make wise decisions for herself.

Armaan’s confrontation with Kaveri

Armaan arrives at the Poddar mansion and starts breaking glasses. He stands in front of Kaveri and asks her why she manipulated Abhira. Armaan blames Kaveri for destroying him completely. He admits not being honest with Abhira about his part but holds Kaveri responsible for breaking their bond. 

Vidya sympathizes with Armaan. Armaan feels remorseful about not talking about his and Ruhi’s relationship with Abhira. He insists that Ruhi was never his true love. Vidya consoles Armaan while he says that he was just attracted to Ruhi. He regrets not releasing his love for Abhira. 


Abhira discloses Armaan and Ruhi’s truth to Madhav, leaving him stunned. She says that Kaveri showed her the real face of Armaan. Abhira decides not to let Armaan bring more sorrow to her life. 

Vidya disapproves of Abhira and shares that she is not the right partner for Armaan. However, Armaan remains adamant about being in love with Abhira. 

Abhira vows to put Armaan behind and focus on her goals. She is determined to become the top lawyer in India. The episode ends here

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