Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke August 14, 2019 Written Update: Mishti decides to leave the house

In the latest episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Meenakshi walks out of the Maheshwari house with her family leaving everyone stressed about Kunal and Kuhu’s marriage.
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke August 14, 2019 Written Update: Mishti decides to leave the houseYeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke August 14, 2019 Written Update: Mishti decides to leave the house
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In today’s episode, Mishti reveals to everyone that Kuhu and she never got along. She tried to do everything for her but Kuhu would never accept her as her sister. Everyone is shocked as all this time they both were just lying to them about being fond of each other. Meenakshi decides to leave with her family after listening to everything. Kuhu tries to stop Kunal but he tells her that his priority will always be his mother’s respect. Both the families are now tensed. Vishambhar is upset that his family kept lying to him about Kunal knowing the truth. Kuhu clarifies that it wasn’t her mother's fault as she lied to her about telling the truth to Kunal. Everyone gets concerned about the Rajvansh family calling off the wedding.


Abir talks to Kunal and asks him if he will go for the marriage despite everything. Kunal tells him that he cannot say as they have broken his trust. Parul tries to make Kunal understand that sometimes people lie to protect their loved ones, that shouldn’t make them bad. Meenakshi intervenes and asks them to not discuss this anymore as it is of no use. Later, she asked Kunal why he seems upset to which he says that it’s because Abir looks upset after all of this. Meenakshi asks him to provide emotional support to Abir. She also asks him to not pick up any calls from Kuhu. Kunal asks her when will she call of the marriage. Meenakshi promises him to not worry about it as she will not let Kuhu get married to him.


Mishti is sobbing alone and wondering if Abir believed in everything she said. She wishes to call him but she doesn’t as his mother will take drastic actions. As Rajshri enters the room, Mishti resumes packing her bag and tells her that she is going to Mumbai till the wedding is over as nobody wants her around. Meanwhile, Meenakshi talks to Abir and asks what’s upsetting him. He tells her that he thinks everyone is misunderstanding Mishti. But Meenakshi tells him that Mishti’s presence will affect Kunal very badly and he needs to worry about his brother more right now. Later, Parul is in a dilemma and is praying to God to give her some guidance. She decides to speak up against Meenakshi and go talk to Abir. She sees someone’s shadow pass by. Kunal sees that Kuhu has come to talk to him.

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