Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke August 19, 2019 Written Update: Kunal flees before the wedding

In today's episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Meenakshi makes arrangements to help Kunal run away. Later, Abir tries to find out the truth from Parul.
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke August 19, 2019 Written Update: Kunal flees before the weddingYeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke August 19, 2019 Written Update: Kunal flees before the wedding
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In the latest episode, Kuhu gets ready for the wedding. Rajshri performs a ritual to ward off any evil eye on Kuhu. Time and again Mishti's name comes up and everyone gets upset for a moment. In the Rajvansh house, everyone is clicking photos happily while Kunal packs his bags to leave. Meanwhile, Mishti hands over a letter to Jugnu and asks him to give it to Abir after the wedding. Everybody is celebrating being absolutely unaware that Kunal is leaving from the back door. Mishti made Jugnu promise that he'll give Abir the letter only after the wedding but he feels like it's important to give it to him right now. He approaches Abir who's dancing with everyone but can't get through the crowd to give him the letter. Parul arrives crying and informs everyone that Kunal fled from the house. Abir finds Kunal's letter in which Kunal blames Mishti for everything. 


Mishti's car tire gets punctured outside the Rajvansh house and she gets tensed as Meenakshi might see her there. Ketki and Nidhi get really stressed how Kuhu would feel about this as she might have to deal with being embarrassed in the society. Shaurya calls up the Rajvansh house to ask if they have left with the baraat. Meenakshi is about to tell them the truth but Abir stops her. He tells her that they will go with the baraat and that he won't let her succeed with her plans. Meenakshi tells Shaurya that they are about to leave. Shaurya and everybody else feel relieved. Mishti disguises herself and wait outside the car as her driver fixes the puncture. She sees Kaushal and Atul leaving in a car and wonders where they're going as it's time to leave with the baraat. She thinks of calling Abir but doesn't because he'll know that she's around the house. 


Yashpal talks to Parul and thinks Kunal is just like his father who left too. Ketki comes to inform Parul that Meenakshi wants to talk to her. Ketki sits with Yashpal and consoles him. Later, Ananya suggests Kuhu to ask Kunal to take her to New Zealand for their honeymoon. Kuhu texts Kunal but her messages don't get delivered. She tries to call but his phone is switched off. She finds it odd as Kunal never switches his phone off. Parul goes to meet Meenakshi but Abir was waiting for her in the room instead. Abir tells her that he called her using Meenakshi's name. He tells her that they only have 30 minutes to find Kunal. He also reveals to Parul that when Kuhu was initially rejected she was about to commit suicide but they saved her fortunately. Parul is terrified hearing this. Abir explains to her how sensitive Kuhu is. He tells her he thinks that Meenakshi knows everything. But he asks her if she knows everything. He asks her if there's any secret she should tell him because no secret is bigger than an innocent girls life. Parul contemplates if she should tell Abir everything but remembers Meenakshi's threats and tells him that she doesn't know anything. Abir knows that she knows something but isn't sharing.

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