Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke December 2, 2019 Written Update: Mishti and Abir meet again

Today in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Abir goes for his meeting with Nishant and later finds out that his girlfriend is in fact Mishti.
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke December 2, 2019 Written Update: Mishti and Abir meet againYeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke December 2, 2019 Written Update: Mishti and Abir meet again
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In today’s episode, Kunal arrives in the Maheshwari house despite Kuhu asking him not to. He congratulates Vishambhar and Rajshri and hands them a gift. He hands them another box and says that it was lying outside their mailbox. As Rajshri opens it and sees a saree in her favourite colour but no name on the box she understands who sent it. She asks Kunal to thank the person who sent it. Meanwhile, Abir writes in the diary that Mishti gave him about the khichadi thief. Kaushal and Meenakshi scour through pictures of potential matches for Abir. Yashpal tells them that Abir would never agree to marry someone they choose. Parul comes around and sarcastically jokes and tells Yashpal that if he doesn’t agree then they can blackmail him. She looks at Meenakshi as she did the same with Kunal. Kunal overhears this and later scold Parul as Abir is not a social experiment for them to try out their threats and make him take his decisions according to their benefit. 


Later, Rajshri talks to Mishti and asks her if she has really moved on is just pretending to be fine. Mishti tells her that she wasn’t able to see clearly when her heart broke but now she has evolved. Later, she messages Nannu to come soon as everyone is missing him. Abir dresses up for his meeting and seeks the blessings of Parul. Later, he tells Meenakshi that today’s meeting is at a poolside and the person can help him launch his app internationally. He asks Parul to make Kunal fulfil the bet condition since he won. He asks her to prepare noodles and make Kuhu feed him. Later, Mishti has tea at her local stall but accidentally texts Abir instead of Nannu that she doesn’t miss him. She frantically gets up and tries to find a way to unsend the message. Abir arrives at the same spot and picks up the tea that Mishti left off and has it unknowningly. He asks the vendor if today is something special as his tea is tasting special today.


Nishant makes all the arrangements for the meeting and scolds his staff for not preparing a shayari as it was the most important thing out of all. As he turns around to leave, he trips and almost falls into the pool but Abir saves him. Abir holds his hand and pulls him back. As they begin talking, both of them identify each other. Nishant tells Abir that now he won’t be able to negotiate with him as he already indebted him by saving him from falling into the pool. He tells Abir that the app deal is a gift for his girlfriend. They both sit down and Nishant asks him the story or inspiration behind making the app. Abir tells him that he didn’t want anyone to have incomplete love stories. He also wanted other people to find their true love. He explains very emotionally how he wants everyone to have a life partner. Meanwhile, the entire family enjoys making Kuhu feed noodles to Kunal. As Kunal gets up to leave, Kuhu indirectly comments that his clothes aren’t suitable for a poolside meeting. She suggests him to wear more pastel colours. Nishant gets impressed by Abir but requests him to not say such poetic and romantic things in front of his girlfriend as she loves these things. He asks Abir to help him fix a shayari. Abir tells Nishant that he’s not a poet but he can help. Nishant tells him that his girlfriend loves shayari. Abir begins to feel absurd and asks Nishant more about his girlfriend. Nishant tells him that she’s crazy but she’s also very traditional. Abir remembers Mishti being the same way. Nishant tells him that he met her in London and Abir thinks about the time Mishti left for London. Nishant tells Abir that besides poetry his girlfriend loves Khichadi a lot. Abir finds it extremely strange and suspects that Nishant is talking about Mishti. But when he asks Nishant if his girlfriend wears spectacles, he refuses. Nishant asks him to fix the shayari and help him. As Abir turns towards the board with the shayari on it, he hears Nishant welcoming his girlfriend by calling her ‘Miss Teapot’. He hears the girl respond to Nishant and immediately recognises that it is Mishti’s voice. Abir turns around and sees Mishti. They both get stunned to see each other but also feel slightly happy. But Abir soon notices Mishti holding Nishant’s hand and feels bad. 

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