Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke December 3, 2019 Written Update: Abir overhears Mishti and Nishant’s secret

Today in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Abir gets stunned to see that Mishti is Nishant’s partner. He gets heartbroken as he overhears their conversation on call accidentally.
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke December 3, 2019 Written Update: Abir overhears Mishti and Nishant’s secretYeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke December 3, 2019 Written Update: Abir overhears Mishti and Nishant’s secret
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In today’s episode, Nishant introduces Mishti to Abir and she greets him. Nishant realises that they both already know each other. Kunal comes along and Mishti tells Nishant that Kunal is Kuhu’s husband and Abir is his elder brother, so that’s how she knows him. Later, Mishti begins to irritate Nishant by calling him Nannu and Abir remembers Mishti talking to Nannu once which had made him jealous. They decide to have the meeting on some other day. Abir agrees to it and they all leave. Mishti runs behind Nishant to play fight with him but she slips and falls into the pool. Abir sees Mishti in the pool and jumps in to save her. He brings her above water in his arms and Nishant helps her come out of the pool. Mishti tells Nishant that she knows how to swim and would’ve swam up herself. She tells Abir that he got drenched for no reason. 


Later, Mishti and Nishant reach home but stand outside the house and banter. Mishti teases Nishant and says that she will call her heartless Nannu. As she proceeds to go inside, Nishant holds her hand and stops her. He tells her that since he has returned home after so long, he deserves a ‘MishNish’. Mishti gets excited. Meanwhile, Abir tells Kunal that they won’t cancel the meeting as Nishant can help their app with his international experience. As they reach home, he asks Kunal to promise him not to tell anything about this meeting to Meenakshi. Meenakshi notices Abir drenched and questions Kunal. Kunal avoids her questions and leaves. Meanwhile, Mishti tells everyone in the house, that she saw a thief. They all pick up brooms, bed sheet and utensils to catch the thief. They all go downstairs and see that the lights were turned off. Mishti signals Nishant to enter the house through the window but by then, they all see someone’s shadow and attack the person.


Shaurya comes and turns the lights on. Everyone realises that they all just covered Kuhu and beat her up. Nishant surprises everyone and they all welcome him. Soon, Kuhu posts a selfie with the family and Kunal sees it. Jugnu comes to give Kunal juice and tells him that Kuhu asked him to inform him that she will come home late as someone named Nanchuk has come home. He tells Kunal that he’s Jasmeet’s son. Abir arrives and tells Kunal that they need Nishant’s expertise and even though Mishti is his partner they should keep it professional as it will be beneficial for their app. Later, Meenakshi asks Parul to ask Abir if he’s alright as he seems worried. Parul asks him and Abir asks her if she got angry when she found out that the person she loved, loves someone else now. He diverted the conversation and tells her that his meeting was fine and he’s fine too. Later, Kuhu asks Mishti about the boys she hid when she saw Kuhu. In exchange for the answer, Mishti asks her why is she back in the Rajvansh Sadan. Kuhu doesn’t tell her. Later, everyone feeds Nishant as he had returned home after long. Varsha and Jasmeet ask him if he has a girlfriend. He avoids the question and they get distracted in planning a party for him. Meanwhile, Abir calls Nishant to fix a meeting. Nishant accidentally answers the call instead of cutting it. He gets engrossed in talking to Mishti. Mishti tells him that they should tell the truth to their family. Nishant asks her to keep this a secret as their family is not ready to hear the truth yet otherwise they would’ve told them. Mishti agrees to not tell the family anything. Abir and Kunal overhear the entire conversation on speaker and Abir gets heartbroken.

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