Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke December 4, 2019 Written Update: Mishti gets overjoyed

Today in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Kunal insults Mishti and Abir scolds him. Mishit realises that Abir still loves her and feels happy.
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke December 4, 2019 Written Update: Mishti gets overjoyedYeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke December 4, 2019 Written Update: Mishti gets overjoyed
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In today’s episode, Abir and Kunal overhear Nishant and Mishti’s conversation. Abir feels heartbroken and asks Kunal to fix the meeting by texting Nishant. Kunal gets worried for Abir and doesn’t understand how Mishti forgot Abir in just two months. Meanwhile, Nishant goes to Mishti’s room and picks up her gift box to ask her what sin it. Mishti refuses to tell him. Nishant asks him if she’s hiding anything from him. Mishti tells him. Nishant doesn’t bother her further and just informs him that they have a meeting with the Rajvansh brothers. Later he sees her thinking about something while holding the gift. Abir wanders around the dhobi ghat with Meenakshi’s threats echoing in his mind. He feels depressed and begins to wash a cloth. A woman comes by and thanks him for his help. Later, Meenakshi asks him what happened at the meeting. She tells him that she can sense that he has some problems going on. Abir tells her to stay out of his problems as he’s doing whatever she had asked him to do. 


Later as Abir and Kunal arrive for the meeting, Mishti realises it as she draws Hum Tum characters on a board. She deliberately shows it to Nishant and asks him why is he so hot. Nishant bangers with her again cutely as she again called him Nannu. Abir gets jealous to see them together. Soon they notice Abir and Kunal and sit down for the meeting. Kunal begins with his presentation. Meanwhile, Varsha notices Jasmeet making a matrimonial account for Nishant. She scolds her but Jasmeet tells her that Nishant never talks about marriage to her. She’s worried that he might already have a girlfriend. Varsha asks Jasmeet to ask Mishti about it as she might be aware of Nishant’s relationships.After Kunal finishes his presentation, Mishti points out that something is missing in their app. She tells them that if they app is about finding lifelong mateches then they should also consider about families of the couples. She says that if the families don’t agree then either one of the couple definitely backs out. Nishant finds it a good point but Kunal gets defensive immediately. He counters Mishti’s point by saying that most of the times the girl tries to separate the boy from his family. He after insults her and says that she would never understand the value of a family because she comes from a broken family. Abir immediately stops him. Mishti feels bad and leaves. Nishant follows Mishti as she cries and walks out. Kunal tries to justify what he said to Mishti by telling Abir that he couldn’t watch him get more hurt because of Mishti. 


Nishant asks Mishti about what is wrong and Mishti suddenly sees the little girl who sells red heart shaped balloons. She runs to her and hugs her. She tells her that Abir still loves her. She buys some balloons and releases them in the air out of happiness. She tells Nishant that Abir is still in love with her Sriti Jha, Shabir Ahluwalia he immediately fought with Kunal when he insulted her just like he used to. Nishant asks Mishti if the plan they made to act like a couple worked well. Mishti tells him that every time Abir sees them together, his ears get red. Nishant hugs Mishti and asks her to stop crying. Abir watches Nishant hugging Mishti and wiping her tears. He feels sad as he thinks that Mishti is with him now. Abir approaches them and apologises for Kunal’s behaviour. They decide to sit and talk but Nishant makes Mishti sit and goes to get her favourite gola from the stall. Abir tells Nishant that to understand a complicated family, it is important to stay with them. Nishant argues with him and asks if he means to say that he wouldn’t understand his family since he has been staying in London. Mishti interrupts them and asks Nishant to not argue with Abir as sphe would never get convinced because he has made up his mind and is only informing you about his decision. Soon, Nishant gets Mishti her gola and Abir too buys Mishti’s favourite tea and wafers. Mishti sees both of them offering food but chooses to take Nishant’s gola. Abir feels hurt and leaves the tea and wafer and walks away.

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