Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke November 10, 2019 Written Update: Mehul kidnaps Mishti

Today in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Mehul sends some goons to kidnap Mishti. Later, he intimidates her and leaves but she manages to escape by fooling the goons.
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke November 10, 2019 Written Update: Mehul kidnaps MishtiYeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke November 10, 2019 Written Update: Mehul kidnaps Mishti
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In today’s episode, Mehul decides to silence Mishti before she comes home to reveal everything. Meanwhile, Rajshri gets worried and requests Kuhu to find Mishti somehow. She promises her to punish Mishti. Meenakshi and the entire family perform a veneration before they leave for the Maheshwari Residence. As Meenakshi takes the Aarti to Abir she tells him that often times parents have to dip the harsh truth in sweetness to protect their children. She tells him that she knows she has lied but she cannot apologise for being a mother. Abir gets emotional and seeks her blessings. Later, Jugnu gives Abir a letter from Mehul. Mehul tells Abir that he will meet him directly at Mishti’s house as he’s preparing a surprise for him. Meenakshi wonders what is Mehul up to. She gets a call from someone and gets shocked as she listens to it.


Meanwhile, Lalita asks Mishti if she’s sure she knows where Parul is. Mishti assures her that once she tells her truth to Abir he will believe her. Mishti wonders how Parul is Mehul’s wife. As she’s about to utter Meenakshi’s name as Mehul’s wife, their car tyre gets punctured. They see some goons approaching them with rods. Lalita gets terrified but Mishti tells her that sometimes they have to fight for the truth. They lock their car doors but the goons break the glass. Mishti pretends to call the police and as the goons hear that they flee. Mishti and Lalita get out of the cab and Mishti tells her that the goons will soon figure out that their phones don’t have any network. They begin to run and the goons realise that Mishti fooled them and they begin to chase them. Meanwhile, the Rajvansh family arrive at the Maheshwari residence. Kuhu asks Jasmeet and Varsha to welcome her in-laws to distract them as they were starting to notice Rajshri’s tension. Meanwhile, Mishti asks Lalita to go on a separate way and they keep running from the goons. 


Later, Kuhu shows Abir and the family the big weighing scale. She tells everyone that they will make Abir sit at one end and put gifts on the other side until it matches Abir’s weight. Then all those things would be donated to Abir’s NGO’s relief fund. Everyone appreciates the idea and Meenakshi tells them that Mishti should begin with putting the gifts first. Kuhu tells them that she’s taking time to get dressed so Rajshri will begin with it. Meanwhile, Mishti falls into a farm and the goons surround her. She quickly picks up a sickle and threatens the goons. All the women in the farm come to support Mishti and surround the goons. They ask Mishti to runaway as they will teach the goons a good lesson. Meanwhile, Abir feels uneasy and asks Kuhu if Mishti is alright. She assures him that she’s perfectly fine. Everyone begins to put gifts on the weighing scale. When Shaurya asks Vishambhar to keep a gift, he tells Abir that they should wait for Mehul to arrive as the weight will be equal if he keeps something and the ceremony would get completed. 


Mishti escapes and reaches the highway and calls Abir. She hears Abir’s ringtone coming from a nearby house. She feels like Abir is there and enters the house. As she enters the house, someone locks the door and in a hurry to escape Mishti falls down with her phone. Mehul reveals himself and comes out of the darkness. He gives an evil smile to Mishti. As he shows her fake sympathy, she tells him that she’s glad she knows his truth. Mishti begins to question him about how he could betray Abir and her trust. Mehul shut shed up and tells her that a good daughter-in-laws job is to remain silent and not rebel like this. He triggers her by telling her that he has heard her real father used to extort money from Rajshri. Mishti gets agitated but one of Mehul’s goons holds her back from attacking Mehul. Mehul gets a call from Shaurya and as Mishti struggles in the background, she yells and calls for help as mehul picks up the phone. Mehul asks the goon to shut Mishti up. Rajshri hears Shaurya ask Mehul if everything is alright as he heard someone scream. She gets worried about Mishti’s safety as she remembers Mishti telling her about Mehul’s behaviour. 


Later, Mehul intimidates Mishti by telling her that Abir will soon get arrested. He asks his goons to tie Mishti to a chair. Mishti tries to stop Mehul from leaving and asks him if he doesn’t even care about Parul and Kunal. Mehul tells them that all those people were just pawns in his game and leaves. Abir gets worried as Mishti hasn’t contacted him even once since morning. Kuhu and Rajshri get worried about Mishti and Rajshri tells Kuhu about Mishti’s suspicion on Mehul. Kuhu gets shocked at how Mishti is investigating her own father-in-law on the day of her engagement. Meanwhile, Kunal approaches Abir and apologises to him. He sees Abir tensed and asks him what’s bothering him. Abir tells him that he’s worried about Mishti as he just wants to see her once to feel relieved. Kunal tells him that he will check and let him know why Mishti is taking so long. Mishti on the other hand struggles to break free. She falls with the chair and tries to get hold of a rock to cut the rope on her hands. 


Mishti manages to cut the rope. She gathers her things and takes the necklace Abir had given her. Meanwhile, Kuhu decides to take a picture and photoshop Mishti’s face into it to send it to Abir as he’s getting restless. But suddenly, Kunal comes calling out for Kuhu. She shuts the door at his face and Kunal gets hurt. She tells him that he shouldn’t barge into a girl’s room. Kunal says that he was just going into his wife’s room. Both of them freeze for a second as Kunal claims Kuhu to be his wife. He tells her that if she doesn’t open the door he’ll tell Varsha about this. Kuhu pretends to send Mishti to the washroom and asks Kunal to come in. As Kunal walks in, Kuhu pretends to close down her zipper. Kunal sees her open back and apologises to her. But he sees Kuhu struggling so he gets close to her to help her close the zip. Both of them feel their heart race as they get close. Suddenly, Rajshri calls out for Kuhu. 


Rajshri tells Kuhu that she is going out to look for Mishti as she’s worried about her. Kuhu lies to her and says that Mishti is on her way as she called and informed her. Meanwhile, Mishti decides to burn the house so that she grabs the attention of the goon standing outside. When the goons barge in on seeing the fire, Mishti hits all of them with a rod and they fall unconscious. Mishti walks out of the house safely. Soon, Mehul arrives at the Maheshwari residence. Rajshri sees Mehul and wonders where Mishti is. Mishti calls out for help and manages to get a lift from a truck driver. Rajshri asks Mehul what took him so long. Shaurya asks him to tell everyone about what surprise did he plan for Abir. Mehul asks everyone to give him their attention. He announces that since Abir wanted to change his surname in an attempt to unite him with the family, he approached the government officer to speed up the process. He tells Abir that he can get his name changed today itself if he signs the papers. Meenakshi interrupts Mehul and tells him that these things can be done tomorrow as today they should only concentrate on making Mishti and Abir’s day special. Vishambhar agrees with Meenkashi. He tells Abir that they are giving their daughter to him and not to Abir Rajvansh or Abir Kapadia. They all decide to begin with the engagement. Mehul thinks to himself that Mishti is not going to be here so how will they proceed with the engagement. 

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