Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke November 5, 2019 Written Update: Meenakshi pleads Mishti

Today in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Meenakshi shows Mishti the wedding card with Abir’s changed surname and pleads her to save Abir from Mehul.
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke November 5, 2019 Written Update: Meenakshi pleads Mishti Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke November 5, 2019 Written Update: Meenakshi pleads Mishti
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In today’s episode, Vishambhar tells Mishti and Kuhu that he will take them out for shopping today. Abir calls on the landline and Kuhu picks it up. He tells her that he needs to meet Mishti urgently but she is not receiving his calls. Kuhu tells Vishambhar there’s a change in their plans as Abir wants to take Mishti out to buy an engagement ring. Rajshri tells Mishti that she should go meet Abir. Kuhu tells Abir where Mishti will meet him. She realises that Abir is not okay and tells him that she is always here to help him. She also tells him that she will probably need his help soon too. As Mishti goes out to meet Abir, Rajshri calls her and tells her that she knows she desperately wants to go to Rajgarh but she needs to consider how difficult it was to get everyone to agree for their marriage. Mishti sees Abir and hangs up the call. Instead of stopping by Mishti, Abir walks past her. 


Mishti realises that Abir is extremely angry with her but ignoring her because she didn’t pick up his calls is unfair. As she approaches him to talk to him, she sees his dejected face and hugs him tightly. Abir tells her how he is stuck between wanting to live separately and not hurting his family since a long time. Mishti calms him down and asks him to think about how difficult it was to convince everyone. She tells him that once they get engaged, they will deal with all the problems together so until then he just needs to hold on. After Abir leaves, Mishti sees Meenakshi there. Meenakshi approaches Mishti and shows her the partially burnt wedding card with Abir’s changed surname. She tells her that she cannot handle Mehul anymore. Mishti gets shocked as she sees the card and she drops it. A little girl dressed up like a goddess picks up the card and hands it over to Mishti. Mishti hugs her lovingly. 


Meenakshi feels like the goddess has blessed Mishti through the child. She pleads Mishti to save Abir from Mehul. Meanwhile, Mehul goes to buy an old watch and asks the shopkeeper to engrave ‘Kapadia’ on it. As Mishti gets home, she sees Abir there. She wonders why is he at her house. Then Nidhi and Ketaki come out too. They tell Mishti that they’re here to apply henna on her hands before her engagement. As Nidhi takes Mishti to apply henna, Mishti sees Abir bonding with Rajshri. She tells Nidhi that Abir is stealing Rajshri from her. Nidhi tells Mishti that Abir captures everyone’s hearts wherever he goes. She gets teary-eyed as she says that she will miss Abir after he leaves the house. Mishti tells Nidhi that he won’t leave the house but asks Nidhi to keep this a secret. Nidhi gets overjoyed and promises Mishti to not tell anyone about it. Later, Kuhu and Abir decide to celebrate and dance together. Meanwhile, Meenakshi hands over some papers to Mehul and asks him to sign it. She tells him that after he signs the papers he will have no legal right over Abir. Mehul signs the papers but refuses to hand it over to Meenakshi until she gives him the property papers. As Abir dances with Mishti’s family, he imagines his family being there too. Mishti sees Abir looking around as if there’s something missing and realises that he is looking for his family as he feels that the celebrations are incomplete without them. Mishti books a cab from her phone while everyone celebrates but Ketaki comes and snatches her phone. Ketaki hands over the phone to Kuhu to give it back to Mishti as Mishti gets busy talking to Abir. Kuhu sees her phone and interrupts Abir to ask Mishti why was she booking a cab. Abir looks at Mishti with confusion. 

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