Swami Om's explosive interview post his Bigg Boss ousting proves all that's wrong with Indian TV!

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Last night Bigg Boss finally lost his calm when he called the security inside the BB house and threw Swami Om out. Ending his stint on the 10th season of the reality show, the makers of the show and Salman Khan finally took the right call. 

What can we say about Swami Om?! He was everything wrong on the Indian TV - hailing profanities, promoting obscenity, using derogatory remarks and his actions were far more disgusting than all of these. 

Finally, audiences are relieved from the self-proclaimed godman's torturous antics as he is ousted from the show. But was that the end of all the melodrama? NO!

Post his exit, a Hindi news channel called Swami Omon its show for a lengthy discussion, as he was on the guest panel with another bunch of self-proclaimed preachers of religion. 

But we couldn't control our tears, of despair and hilarity, when the channel and Swami Om played the blame game on national TV. So the channel alleged Swami Om of making a mockery of Hindu religion, portraying godmen in a wrong fashion and that government should investigate his exit! Oh, the channel feels there's some international conspiracy going on between Salman Khan and Swami - and this is one big scam! 

*Spare Us*

Hey wait, Swami too had some fancy stuff to add on - like blaming BB's home channel, accusing them of kidnapping him and keeping him locked down in Lonavala (Bigg Boss shoot location) and yes, he went on and on. 

Watch this video and we bet, you too will wonder, all that's going wrong with the Indian TV! 



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Shame in this news channel to get him only to hain trp.. this shows how our tb media is Only one word DISGUSTING

wasn't the same thing done by Colors and Salman Khan

Can't stop laughing after watching this.

why are we even encouraging people such as these to a show?

The channel and Salman didn't throw out Armaan Kohli when he behaved abusive. They are doing with commoners, that too at the end of the season, after getting the TRPs they wanted. What hypocrites!

Om swami is created and promoted by TRP hungry indian television !!!!!accept it...

Send swami to the Nagin show!

Its very sad that new channels are actually talking to this foolish person ( Swami Om) ... even on news channel he is asking his licence revolver to control people .. this is infact channels like yours who are promoting people like this to get their own trp..

Our Hindu culture is very big and people like Swami Om can't do anything .. he is big lier and a corrupt person.

B.B. Would have very well knew that he is going to throw piss on everyone but they let him do that. That says it all what kind of show it is.

Explosive or exclusive? Just wondering!!

lololol Swami on TV... just for TRP... and he was with all HINDUS in BB house... and they were FEDUP with him..

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