Sonali Phogat VIDEO: Bigg Boss contestant REVEALS why Rubina Dilaik is her favourite contestant on the show

In an EXCLUSIVE video interview with Pinkvilla, the latest wild card entry Sonali Phogat reveals why Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya are her favourite contestants on Bigg Boss 14.
Sonali Phogat is excited to meet Rahul Vaidya on Bigg Boss 14 Sonali Phogat VIDEO: Bigg Boss contestant REVEALS why Rubina Dilaik is her favourite contestant on the show
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As we inch closer to the Bigg Boss 14 finale, a new wild card entry has been added to the mix and her name if Sonali Phogat, a TikTok star turned BJP leader. While it will be interesting to see what fireworks Phogat comes packed with to add some much-needed spice inside the BB14 home, we got to have an EXCLUSIVE chat with Sonali before she entered the house.

When we asked Phogat who her favourite contestant is, she revealed, "Rubina [Dilaik] is playing very well. She's playing it smartly. The second is Rahul Vaidya, who I think is playing well on the show. I like listening to music so I have someone inside the house who can sing songs for me if I get upset about something. Moreover, when asked if she finds any contestant as a probable competition for her, Sonali stated, "I haven't seen anyone on the show yet, who I would find tough. For me, all of them are the same. [laughs]."

Given how Phogat was embroiled in controversy this year for hitting an official while accusing him of using derogatory language at her, we quizzed the star on how she plans to tackle the aggressive nature inside the Bigg Boss house. On this, Sonali revealed, "The matter is still in court. He [the official] had said very horrible things. I don't think anyone would say such words on national television. I haven't seen anyone in Bigg Boss' 14-year history who has spoken like he did. So, it won't happen that someone abuses you so openly. Whoever it is, I know how to handle it and will do it calmly."

Check out Sonali Phogat's EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla below:

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