EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tandav star Gauahar Khan REVEALS when she knew husband Zaid Darbar was THE ONE for her

In an EXCLUSIVE video interview with Pinkvilla, Gauahar Khan spoke candidly about how her married life has been so far with her doting husband Zaid Darbar.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tandav star Gauahar Khan REVEALS when she knew husband Zaid Darbar was THE ONE for her
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Gauahar Khan had that newlywed homely glow on her face when Pinkvilla got the opportunity to interact with the actress recently about her upcoming web series, Tandav, set to drop this Friday. While it's only been a while since she said 'qubool hai' to the love of her life Zaid Darbar, Khan stressed that married life really hasn't changed anything for her.

"It's actually more like a... it's the opposite because I have been shooting right from the very next day of my walima and it doesn't stop. Every day, I was shooting till eight o'clock in the morning and in the day, there are interviews. Yes, he's asleep and I'm disturbing him. But it's not changed me at all. In fact, he allows me to be who I am so, I don't think that changes the person that I am at all. Whether married or not," Gauahar divulged.

We also couldn't help but ask the 37-year-old actress the moment she knew Darbar was THE one for her. To this, Khan gushed, "I think in the moment when he asked me to marry him was the moment I realised that yes, I do want to spend the rest of my life with him. Before that, it was just a month of knowing him out of that 20 days. I hadn't even met him. Actually, you should ask him when you talk to him... I knew instantly because of the kind of person he is."

As for Zaid's reaction to Tandav's trailer, Gauahar revealed, "Oh, he was very proud! Actually, he is a very rational person. He's not somebody who is only going to speak about me just because I am his wife and that's what I love about him. He's going to give me an entire low down on what he feels about the show and he insists that Tandav is going to be one of its kind. He loved the quality of the show. For me, he was proud that I'm a part of such a huge scale of a show and he's not the buttering type. So, he will not go, 'Oh God, wow!' Because obviously, the trailer has a glimpse of everybody. But, he saw that 'World of Tandav' video where I am speaking and there's a line from me. He got damn excited. He was like, 'Yay.'"

Check out Pinkvilla's EXCLUSIVE interview with Gauahar Khan below:

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We adore these lovebirds and how!

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Anonymous 6 days ago

ok wait, let's recap...she married him after dating for a month??!! either she is truly optimistic or has some excellent character discerning skills because it takes minimum 6 months for a person to drop their mask! plus, media asking dino and saif about acting skills of their co-stars and asking the actress about her husband and married life!!! oh the double standards!!!

Anonymous 7 days ago

no one cares