Twisted Season 2: Nia Sharma and Rahul Raj indulge in some romantic conversation in this promo

Twisted 2 this time will tell the story of Aliah Mukherji who is framed in the murder of her boyfriend Vinod. The promo of the show is out.
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Nia Sharma was highly appreciated for her performance in Twisted season 1 and now she is back with the second season. In the promo, Nia Sharma aka Aliah Mukherjee is seen having a romantic moment with Aryan Mathur aka Rahul Raj. 

Check out the promo: 

Joining the Twisted 2 team would be Jodhaa Akbar actress Dilnaz Irani, who will play a police officer named Arunima in the web series. Twisted 2 will basically be a crime triangle between Rahul, Nia and Arunima. 
In an interview with a leading daily, she said, "When I was offered Twisted 2, I didn't immediately want to jump into something like this. When I signed it on, it was more of a leap of faith than a calculated decision. It was only after I started working on the series, I realised it was quite a different genre and it will take me to a different league altogether. So much so that it became a game changer for me."
"I can't thank Vikram enough for how he has etched my character and it is one level up in Twisted 2. There is so much thought that has gone into the character. I understand people call it a grey character. But how I perceive it as she is a very strong woman and can take on the world. She is also a girl who has a back story. Behind every beautiful face, behind every lipstick and best makeup, there's a simple girl. She's that," Nia added. 
The first season of Twisted starred Nia Sharma, Namit Khanna and Rahul Raj, and also had Nia sharing a steamy lip-lock with her female co-star, Isha Sharma, apart from other intimate scenes.
It revolved around Naina Raichand's murder case and the prime suspects include her husband Ranvir Raichand and his girlfriend Aliah (Nia).

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