Watch: Anita Hassanandani redefines beauty and tells us to embrace our realselves in this video

In her new Instagram post, Anita Hassanandani tells us to love and accept ourselves the way we are. Check it out.
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Anita Hassanandani is one of the most stunning and talented actresses in the television industry. She is quite candid and often shares interesting posts on her Instagram page. Her pictures and videos are beautiful that leaves one mesmerised. The actress also religiously shares selfies and photos with her husband Rohit Reddy and the duo never fail to give us couple goals.

Today, Anita shared an amazing video in which she tells people to accept themselves the way they are. In her caption, she wrote how one should accept the flaws and their skin for how they are. The actress is in her Naagin 3 get up and takes off her make up and thus gives out a message of self-acceptance. The actress captioned the video, "BE-YOU-TIFUL! #Beyourself #loveyourself  Not everything that you see is what it is. Makeup is a very good thing to hide flaws but who told them that they are our flaws? We only think something is bad when we are conditioned to believe so and now it\u2019s time to break all stereotypes about beauty and embrace our real selves. Get your real self out and leave a mark with your confidence instead. Be real. Be you. Love you. Thanks @leaelui for inspiring me to do this!"

Well, we are quite happy to see Anita Hassanandani encouraging this as her voice matters.

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