Watch VIDEO: An emotional Shilpa Shinde is left SPEECHLESS as her mother visits Bigg Boss house

Shilpa Shinde is dumbfounded as her mother enters the Bigg Boss house.
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Shilpa Shinde is one of the top contenders for the winner’s trophy in this season of Bigg Boss. She has played the game wisely and has gained immense popularity during her BB stint.

This week, Bigg Boss will be making contestants meet their family members. Shilpa Shinde’s mother entered the Bigg Boss house and a dumbfounded Shilpa could not believe it. She is left speechless as she sees her mother in the Bigg Boss house.

Shilpa’s mother gives a stern message to Arshi Khan who has been making nasty comments about Shilpa. Arshi had termed Shilpa, ‘Maa’ when they were close. Shilpa’s mom makes a reference to this and asks her to not slander the person who she had given the status of a ‘mother’.

Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma rush to meet Shilpa’s mom as soon as Bigg Boss relieves contestants of Freeze position.

Watch the videos, it indeed was an emotional moment for Shilpa, wasn’t it?

In the coming episodes, we will see that Bigg Boss will make the other contestants happy by giving them a huge surprise.

A source had told a daily, "As of now, Puneesh Sharma’s father, Vikas Gupta’s mother and Priyank Sharma’s estranged girlfriend Divya Agarwal have been confirmed. The makers are still figuring out the other contestants’ family members."

The source also added that Hiten Tejwani's wife Gauri would be making a visit to the house. However, Hina Khan's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal will not be visiting the house.




Her mom is very sweet just like her.

What about her daughter abusing evryone?

Shilpa for the win! Her mom is just as sweet and cultured as she is. God bless them both. I was crying like a baby watching the preview. Can't wait to watch this episode.

On another note, I bet whomever comes for Hina will be as negative as she is!


I almost cried watching this..i love shilpa...but she seems very stone hearted...she didnt shed a tear...something wrong with her

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