Itti Si Khushi: Will Neha call off her marriage with Aman?

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In the coming episode of Rajan Shahi’s ‘Itti Si Khushi’, we will be up for a highly dramatic sequence in which the female protagonist Neha (Smriti Kalra) will decide to call off her wedding with her beloved fiance Aman (Anuj Sachdev).

It will so happen that Aman and Neha will have a heated argument over the arrival of her school buddies at the pre-wedding function.

However, while getting ready for the wedding, a series of thoughts will run through Neha’s mind and she will doubt her worthiness as Aman’s spouse.

Driven by her immature thoughts, Neha will write a letter to Aman to call off the wedding. But she won’t be able to handover the letter to him as soon she would hastily leave to appear for her exam leaving the letter out in everyone’s reach.

Now what consequences this letter would have is something we are eager to see. We just hope the wedding is not cancelled at the last hour! Fingers crossed!

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