Bigg Boss 8: “I Am Not Pregnant” says Diandra Soares after being eliminated!

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Bald model Diandra Soares created quite a stir inside Bigg Boss, right till her eviction when it was reported that she was pregnant.

Rubbishing the pregnancy rumours Diandra says, “I never said I am pregnant because I am not. One would hardly make a joke of something so important. But yes,I did have to go out for a checkup because of a hormonal imbalance. This was the second time that I was going out for medical reasons, the first time it was to a dentist.So I decided to play a prank on housemates by saying I am not coming back to the House for health reasons. I absolutely never ever once said that I was pregnant.”

Ironically, Diandra’s wishes came true . She was evicted.

Looking back at her stint in Bigg Boss Diandra says she was very spontaneous on the show. “I couldn’t fake it. I never can. I can’t play games . And I couldn’t do so in Bigg Boss. Honestly. I think I can very proudly and confidently say I was the most unguarded person in the house.”

She does regret not making to the finale. “It’s a bit sad.But I truly believe whatever happens in life happens for the absolute best. The thing is, after last week’s episodes and my conversation with Salman Khan I had decided to be absolutely outrageous and not take any of the nonsense going in the house quietly. Content-wise I’d have been great for the TRPs.”

Diandra says she was preparing to kick up a storm. “For the next few weeks there would have been amazing fireworks. If you say I kicked up a storm in there then there was definitely going to be more of a storm. I had made up my mind not to be the quiet type anymore. The Diandra you saw during my last few days in there was just a passing phase. Or maybe it was the calm before the storm.”

There were so much of drama happening when Diandra and Gautam Gulati were around. How would Diandra describe her relationship with him?

She gives this one a thought, then says, “Our feelings were very confused. It would be very difficult to define our feelings. I don’t think we can be sure of our mutual feelings. It’s all so messed up.”

She says she met Gulati for the first time on the show. And yet they seemed to hit it off so well that they were ready to hit one another.

Says Diandra, “But didn’t I hit it off with everyone on the show? I’ve come away with a lot of friends from Bigg Boss: Sukiti, Deepshikha, Natasha, Sushant, Minissha, Arya, Upen, Karishma...Yeah, almost everyone. Even Punit Issar. I can’t wait to meet his wife and to hang out with them in his house. I think he is a really nice person. But he’s too caught up in the game and behaving childishly. The respect that he commanded before Bigg Boss has deserted him. As far as Gautam is concerned, I really don’t think I can interact with someone who is so spineless...Would I want to meet him? I don’t know. Time heals all wounds, I guess.”

The model known for her shaved head has movie plans.

“I already have two films both produced by Pooja Bhatt, one of them directed by Soni Razdan. They were supposed to start in September-October. Luckily they got pushed to to February 2015. These are my baby steps into movies. I’ve never planned my life. Whenever I planned I messed it up. So I go with the flow. Let me see, what’s in store.”

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something is fishy here. Salman said there will be TWO elimination this week, however only Diandra was eliminated, which makes me believe those news regarding , her being pregnant to be true. maybe the show decided to take her out before the news spreads on big boss. I mean even if the pregnancy rumors isn't true, then why someone else wasn't eliminated ? why weren't two people eliminated?, as Salman mentioned that would be the case this week. Diandra was a strong contender, and I find it hard to believe, she got the "least votes".

yep and she also said after the eviction to Salman that dis was d first tym i have done proper packing...

yeap.. plus whne she came out on stage she was covering her tummy constantly

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