15 Unforgettable Scenes of Sujal and Kashish from ‘Kahiin To Hoga’

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'Kahiin To Hoga' is one of the highly-rated shows that went on air in the history of Indian Television. Sujal (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Kashish's (Aamna Sharif) love-hate saga is etched in the memory of every TV fan who watched thes how with utmost devotion. Here are the top 15 scenes featuring the two actors that summarise their story.

1- A romantic scene featuring Sujal and Kashish confessing their feelings for each other.

2- Romance blooms as Sujal and Kashish dance in the rain.

3- Piyush and Kashish get married and Sujal is left heartbroken.

4- Sujal meets Piyush and Kashish during their honeymoon.

5- Sujal asks to Kashish if she still loves him?

6- Sujal looks after Kashish in the hospital and remembers his past.

7- Kashish slaps Sujal. Sania blames Piyush for creating a rift between Sujal and Kashish.

8- Sujal promises Kashish that he will make her pay for her deeds.

9- Sujal breaks down as Piyush informs him about his physical intimacy with Kashish. He burns the bed in a fit of anger.

10- Sujal goes to Kashish and proposes her. Kashish gets angry and shouts at him.

11- Sujal and Kashish get married. However, it turns out that Kashish married him to seek revenge from him for murdering Piyush.

12- Sujal and Kashish meet with an accident. Sujal takes her to the hospital, even when he himself was injured so badly.

13- The truth has come in front of Kashish that Sujal was not guilty. She goes to meet Sujal and they confess their love for each other.

14- Sujal and Kashish celebrates Valentine's Day. Kashish is also very happy with the surprise planned for her by Sujal.

15- Swayam's friends assume Sujal to be Rishi and attack him to seek revenge.

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