Mahabharat to end within a month! What next?

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It took him 4 years and a team of 500 people to put together a grand show that we get to see as ‘Mahabharat’ on Star Plus. We are referring to Producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary here whose vision to recreate an epic, and not a mythological series, on TV have turned out to be true in a beautiful manner.

Now that the telly series is about to come to end in a month’s time, we are sure it will be leaving the viewers asking for more. So, to know what is in the pipeline next, producer Siddharth was asked recently about his future plans regarding television.

This is what he had to say, “We have a lot in store. I can’t reveal what it is at this moment. Expectations really put a lot of pressure on everybody and that isn’t a way to live life. I have made an effort to challenge myself with every story that I had to tell. But the fact is that we have no control over the outcome. Then why expect any result of the efforts I put. All i can do is try to remain honest to my work.”

Well, although the answer is still not clear what Siddharth’s next project will be, we’re sure to find it out sooner or later! We only wish, it is something as big as ‘Mahabharat’ has been. Let’s wait and see.

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will miss Mahabharat so muchhhhhhh.


Will b mising mahabharat! Love u mahabharat...

We will miss.....Shaheer I will miss you.....vibha,poja,shafaq,
Srj,otherpandavas and all Iwill misss..'MAHABHARAT'. I love it.
Because that is my heart and they are my heartbeets....especiallyYou
Shaheer love you love you so muchhhh......Mahabharat crew is my best best best friendssssss........

after mahabharat how pandavas died?

miss mahabharth shaheer as arjun.........there is still story left after the war but why can't they the remaining story?????????pls reply.................................

I m goin to miss this was the only reason y I watch television.... I will miss the cute SRJ nd Shaheer Sheikh....nd the whole crew of mahabharat

I am also going to miss Mahabharat.......... LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MAHABHARAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aham sharma as karna....its heart touching act by him.....we will miss this show.

I am going to miss whole crew of mahabharat specially srj as krishnji and shaheer as arjun ..i m going to miss them badlyyyyy...plz restrt this shw

I miss you shaheer as arjun and anant.

i miss you lord krishna everyday..................

I will miss this epic mahabharat I have followed star plus's mahabharat since 16th September 2013 till now and I don't want this to be end and also I'll miss shaherr too and I grew my hair also like him and vow that whenever mahabharat doesn't end till that I won't cut my long hair ...

i love this serial .......had become part of my life........will miss it so much

I will miss this show it has become a part of ny life
cant imagine my life without it
Will miss srj shaheer rohit pooja everyone yaar

I cannot imagine life without Mahabharat. It's Janmastami time and I go to Pooja and listen to kathar of Arjun . A smile comes to me as I see Shaheer Sheikh. How can I survive now with no Mahabharat

i dnt want to miss you frnds

i cant stop my tears

this can't be happening!! this is so depressing! i'm gonna miss this show like never before!! my half an hour of happiness is gone!! nooooooooooooo!! :(

i miss u arjun nd krisna. i love u nd miss u
mahabharat team.

Why didn't they show whole story? Pandavas walk through Himalayas. The gradually die one by one. Yudhisthira reaches Heaven greeted by Duryodhan, Shakuni etc who all went straight to heaven as they died in battle like warriors

Everyone said that they missed Mahabharat And Team.But Siddharth Sir I want to tell you that,reason of Job i live other place only to see that programme(weekly) i went to my home.It was only reson that i get up early in the morining on Sunday.You cant believe that I am very upset from 17-08-2014.I didnt see any Epic serial but Mahabharat is become of my Heartbeats.Now I feels that my heart become heartbeatsless.
Please do something sir.Please restart this Mahabharat on TV once again.Now it is become one of the reason of living.And I missed specially Krishna and Arjun (SRJ & SS).Also All team of Mahabharat.Not now but from serial Navya I like Saheer(Anant).Shri Krishna Bhagwan is Idael of my Life .Now really i want that some one came in my life like Krishna and Arjun.
I love you so much and hugely miss you Mahabharat and All Team. PLease consider my sugession of restart this programme on Tv once again.

I really miss Mahabharat.It has become a part of my life. After watching this serial I've searched & learnt so much. I've all the krishna seekh's downloaded in my phone & keep on listening to them which have made me a very peaceful person altogether.Pleaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee start it again. There's so much more to show after the war... about parikshit,Janamajeya & how kaliyug stared. Plz it's my heartiest request to start this series again from the beginning...if not possible to produce further episodes right now.

I love this mahabharat I am gonna miss it to the core and Krishna as aham sharama and abhimanyu I just luv u guys anyways I love the whole team just it pls do another epic thing like this together with the same team again pls pls ps,

love you mahabharat !!!please start again ilve all of them

of course we're all love mahabharat. we watched them 6 days a week for a year and months

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