For me the reaction of general audience is much important than the ratings of the show: Gautami Kapoor

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The ones who have been avid TV viewers would recognise Gautam Kapoor not as TV star Ram Kapoor’s wife but a talented actress found by Ekta Kapoor for her show ‘Ghar Ek Mandir’ in the year 2000. After acting in Karan Johar’s ‘Student of the Year’, Gautami had returned home after a long sabbatical in Rajan Shahi's ‘Tere Shahar Mein’ wherein she is playing the character of Sneha – a mother of three young daughters.

Talking about her association with Rajan Shahi, Gautami tells us, "I have always wanted to work with Directors Kut but somehow it never happened. This time when Rajan ji called me for a brief he told me at least I should go and listen to it. I immediately liked the story and my role too."

However, Gautami was worried about the traveling bit and she stays in the main city; while, the set of the show is set-up in the extreme suburbs. "Rajanji gave me a suggestion of coming to the set once to calculate the exact distance from my place to the set. I did that and because I was traveling against the traffic it just took 45 minutes morning and evening! After that I immediately called him and told him that I am working,” recalls the ‘Ghar Ek Mandir’ actress.

Gautami also adds a few more words in praise of Rajan Shahi by saying, "He is someone who has been a brilliant director. Unfortunately, I have never worked with him when he was directing other shows. In ‘Tere Shahar Mein’, he has been given all the freedom to the cast and crew and allows us to work in a very independent way; that's very commendable."

Gautami also feels she had no clue about the TRP game since 7-8 years, but this time she knows it. "I have been getting positive feedback which is very encouraging. People have liked Sachin and my scenes in the show initially. I was at a mall the other day and met few sales girls. They actually told me when I cry on screen, they feel their mom is crying. I was touched to hear this. For me the reaction of general audience is much important than the ratings of the show."

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