PV Preview: Will Aman end up getting married to Neha’s sister Akku in ‘Itti Si Khushi’?

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In the coming episode of Rajan Shahi’s ‘Itti Si Khushi’ some high voltage drama is in store as Neha and Aman will be getting married on the day of her school exams.

Till now, we had seen Neha juggling with her exams and pre-wedding functions simultaneously. But soon, Neha will be seen bearing the onslaught of hiding the news about her schooling from Aman’s family.

On the day of her marriage, Neha will sneak out of the wedding venue to give her exam. Unfortunately, she will stuck in school after giving her exam as the invigilator will suspect her for cheating. He will detain her in school and Neha will find herself with no escape route.

On the other hand, Neha's anxious sister Akku will give up on waiting for her. Akku will wear Neha’s wedding lehenga to save her and Aman’s family honour. Neha's family will get to know about the issue and get worried. Meanwhile, Sandeep and Anand will leave to look for Neha, while Neha will struggle to free herself.

Jayanti will overhear the conversation between the members of Neha's family and inform Kamini dadi. Kamini will in turn question Akku and Sunita about the matter and will manage to convince Sunita to let Aman marry Akku to salvage the situation.

But that sounds awful, isn’t it?

We hear that after a lot of brain storming sessions between the writers and the show’s team, finally the track was cracked. It was initially decided that Akku will eventually get married to Aman and at the last moment Neha would come and get shocked. But after discussions, finally it was decided that Neha would be reaching at the moment of Gathbandhan,/i> (ceremonial knot tying). She will be arriving in her school uniform and everybody will get to know about the truth Aman and Neha had been hiding. Kamini will demand an answer from Gayatri and Aman on who should Aman be marrying. To see who Aman marries finally, keep watching 'Itti Si Khushi' or keep a tab on this space!

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