Why is Ruslaan Mumtaz marrying his fiancée Nirali in court?

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Television actor Ruslaan Mumtaz, who is playing the male lead in Sony TV’s show Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara, will be marrying his fiancée Niral Mehta on Valentine’s Day. The actor says that they were asked what date they would prefer to get married. Since, the couple has been celebrating Valentine’s Day all these years; they chose to exchange vows on February 14, albeit in the registrar’s office.

Now, why a court marriage, you may ask?

Well, Ruslaan’s parents had a court marriage and since he is so much used to the grand weddings on TV, that he preferred having a simple court marriage for himself in real life. But, this boy knows how to make his girl happy. Ruslaan told a daily that Nirali was desirous of having a traditional wedding. Therefore, he and his family are looking forward to realize her dreams. This clearly implies that now the beautiful couple will also have a proper Gujarati wedding on March with all the rituals and the works.

After the wedding festivities, the newly married pair is set to fly off to the Maldives for their honeymoon.

Team Pinkvilla wishes Ruslaan and Nirali a very joyous wedding.

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CONGRATULATIONS to my FAV FAV COUPLE!!!! Wishing you happiness and joy, together forever!!!! Cheers!!

Congratulations Ruslaan & Nirali!! You guy look awesome together...!! Wish you both lots & lots of love and happiness, always!! May all your dreams and wishes come true!! Keep Smiling... Stay Blessed :D

#matchmadeinheavan #ADORABLE Congratulations to the rocking couple!!!! Can't wait to see them on #NachBaliye8 !!! Love #NIRAAN

Congratulations to Ruslaan on the success of his show JEE LE ZARA!!!! Congrats on the V Day wedding, how totally romantic!! Love the couple #NIRAAN

Stunning couple :) May you have a fun-filled & happy life together. Love you Niraan

Woot woot, Congrats Nirali and Ruslaan!! #Lovebirds #Blessed Cheers on a wonderful life together! Warm wishes for both of you!! #niraan

Love U Ruslaan and Nirali

Valentine Wedding... Can it get more romantic than this?

Not a good Pair. He is so hot n handsome and she looks so crap.

Get a life!!!!!! You Sound like a loser!!!!

Haha!! And you must be Nirali herself!

Dude, think you are generally a sad person! Good luck living with yourself! haha!


are there any muslims in bollywood who are married to another muslim...besides saira & dilip and emraan hashmi?

emraan married a hindu who converted...

Emraans wife is NOT a convert. And also he is a SHIA kuffr

well he married in a nikah so it won't be valid unless the girl converts. he didn't have a marriage under special marriages act in court under which each party can retain their own religion.

it would be lovely to see pics of the traditional gujju wedding

Gorgeous couple

He's such a hottie

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