Is Barun Sobti waiting to make his TV comeback?

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Indian Television’s hot hunk, Barun Sobti, who decided to test waters by making a foray into Bollywood, is contemplating his TV comeback.

Yes, we are talking about the same guy who had quit Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon co-starring Sanaya Irani, in the middle of his high flying TV career. According to an online entertainment tabloid, Barun is now thinking going back to his roots i.e. the small screen world.

After leaving Is Pyaar..... all of a sudden, Barun did a movie called Main Aur Mr. Right with VJ, anchor and actress Shenaz Treasurywala. But unfortunately, the film never saw daylight because of financial woes. Now it seems that Barun’s efforts are about to reap results as his debut film might get released in April this year.

And, like we mentioned above, another interesting rumour trending these days is that Barun might take on a TV role provided it is good and promising. Nothing less than the best for this TV star, you see.

So if all goes well, and a good role comes his way, who knows, you may see your favourite Barun Sobti once again on your TV screens.

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He definitely will make it big in Bollywood..wait and watch ;)

He shouldve never left the show in the first place!! He was at the biggest peak of his tv career but because he got a movie offer he decided to let it go!...shouldve done both! Anyways if he does come back i hope he does so with sanaya! They make a great pair

IPKKND was getting boring and repetitiousl and I think it was good it ended when it did. I was shocked that Khushi's idea of achieving something in life was winning the Mrs India beauty pageant. Reallly?? Why is being Ms this or that so important in India? In the US beauty pageants are not taken so seriously. I wish Khushi had gone into training to be a master chef or in the food business. That would be so much more inspiring for young Indians watching the show.

he left because of health reasons , you can see later on the season you can how skinny he got.

AAAh i miss Arnav Singh Raizada. Why did he leave IPKKND?! I hope 4 Lions sign him up for one of their new shows. I'd watch it for sure!

Oh my god! I am waiting for him to be seen any screen , be it Tv or big screen. Doesnot matter. Let him decide and we fans can wait. Alla the best to him from the bottom of my heart.

He made a huge mistake leaving that show. It's what actually got him onto the map and he just left, which I thought was quite unprofessional. Regardless of whether he makes a bollywood debut or not, I don't think he's going to get very big. Arnav in IPKKND was a dream role for him and he played it pretty much to perfection at the beginning. But as an actor, he doesn't have too much versatility. His other roles have been less than mediocre and when Arnav finally started showing other shades as a character, Barun started lacking a lot in his performance. Unless he continues to play ASR for the rest of his life, I don't think there are many places he's going to get. But he's welcome to prove me wrong.

This guy is mesmerising handsome......that perfect chin and jawline that's made for the camera. He is so very good looking in that real natural way. The best part is he seems so laid back and unassuming in real life. Nothing phony about this guy. And he married his childhood sweetheart who was his first crush, first girllfriend and now wife. I love that about him! His wife seems lovely too........has a nice vibe to her. I wish Barun the best but in fake Bollywood ruled by nepotism ........I wonder how it will work out. But I have a feeling he will be fine. He doens't seem ready to sell his soul for fame. And he has a huge loyal fandom who love him for that.

I think I jinx shows. He's the third lead of a show I've been watching that left it for bollywood (never to be seen again). Now the fourth has been signed onto YRF *head desk*

Lol awww bless

he has just wasted his time


no he should come back to tv...he just got lucky with ipkknd.....he shouldnt have left the show and take so long break...his loss

Oh Mr Sobti...way to ruin a great going career. what all of a sudden, working long hours won't be affecting his health & all?
Don't think Sanaya & him will happen anytime soon...people are liking Sanaya & her co-star in Rang Rasiya.

Miss Barun and would love to see him on TV again! I miss ASR (Barun's character)more was one of those rare characters that stayed strong and arrogant throughout and since held the audience in a spell.

When I was going though my crazy phase of being totally in love with him, A very wise person told me 'Its ASR we love'
So I hope he gets another Arnav Singh Raizada.

LOL Now He Is Ready To Work For 12 Hours . He Will Not Feel Tired . Can't Make It Big In B'wood With Few Blind Fan-Girls .

I think barun is a good actor and better looking than many in Bollywood. Although millions of his fans were disappointed when he left IPKKND in hindsight he made the right decision, the story was going no where and he had not taken a break for 3 years. By the end of the show he looked tired and badly needed a hair cut. I a huge fan and keeping my fingers crossed for 22 yards. Those beautiful eyes and that killer smile....uff

he shouldn't left ipkknd and totally disappointed his lovable fans,he wasted the time any how good luck for his come back.

he shouldnt left ipkknd and disappointed my of his lovable fans,any how gd luck for his come back.

i hope he re enters tv soon. i wish him good luck, and i am sure he will be succesful. he is a very good actor, should not blame him for leaving/quitting ipkknd. the writers should be blamed too. the story was not going any where, only charecters left were di, mami, nani , nk, besides arshi. they killed the arshi romance after wedding. there was'nt much going on at that time. well all good things have to end, i hope he starts another good series.

wise decision.

they made the show shut down just because this guys left ?


Is it confirm?How much we have to wait?

He never should have left IPK, even though the show was losing its touch towards the end, he still should've committed to staying till it was completely over. But Barun comes across as such a nice guy that I really wish that he does well from the bottom of my heart. Whether that's on the big or small screen doesn't really matter at the end of the day. But him and Sanaya have to pair up again, at least once! They had AMAZING chemistry!!

I like ASR and love the show. Still do but am glad it ended when it did. The story was going nowhere and Barun looked so tired and sick towards the end of the show. But, Barun, if you are really thinking of doing telly shows again, you better make sure you could carry it through the end. We dont want another IPK fiasco. Anyway, wish you luck and waiting for your movie :-)

all the blame should not be put on BS, the story was going anywhere. basically no romantic scenes after the wedding. the writers should take equal blame. most of the charecters left too including akshay. ones that were left were nani,di, nk, mami besides Arshi. can't wait to see him back o TV.

Only time will tell if his Bollywood career will ever take off, but I personally think TV suits him better. He's made quite a name for him in Tellywood and can continue to be very successful in it. Bollywood is a real shot in the dark and is definitely difficult to have a career in, especially for these TV actors and actresses who already carry baggage of being TV stars. As it is being an actor in TV or movies is fickle, but when you have TV stardom like Barun, having a good career there would've been the best option for him, where offers would be in abundance. Oh well, it's his life. Let's see if his movies ever see the light of day.

I really love this guy and no matter how much I was angry at him for leaving IPKKND, I still love him a lot. ASR is perfection. But here am talking about Barun Sobti, the actor. He is such a nice person and can act very well. During that quitting fiasco, he has maintained a dignified silence. Strangely, Sanaya had said that she was bashed publicly in one of her interviews because she had called her fans a bunch of people but Barun's bashing was more intense since he was more popular. Despite this, he has never complained which makes me respect him.

His presence onscreen made you forget everything else. Wishing him all the best in everything he does. By the way, Barun in his own mouth never said he would come back to TV :/

he shouldnt left ipkknd,he disaapointed millions of his fans heart,any how good luck for his come back in tv, i hope he will again wont quit any show in the middle.

asr is so good but not barun ,atlas the break taught him so much,now he knows the value of tv,he should regret for leaving ipkknd......

totally agree...
i like asr but not barun. he isnt a nice guy.
his mistake is uncommendable

doing bollywood leaving Tv is not crime.

But he has done a huge mistake. He told lies ...that his health as the quit reason. IPKKND didnt turn boring...that he shud hv quit it. IPK was not a show that wud run for ages. it wud hv ended by 2013 end .he would easily give 2013 also for IPK shoot .But he is too arrogant. . Let the show finish naturally and then let him go to hollywood, tollywood etc etc..nobody stopped him..but look at him...he thinks him as SRK...God will punish him...wait and watch

i still love u barun sobti............(sushree)


We still have a IPKKND club but none of us want Barun Sobti back because he laired and he not trustworthy or predictable. Now Harshad Chopra would make a King ASR with Sanaya Irani as Khushi again. Make it happen bring back IPKKND without Barun

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