Itti Si Khushi: Neha to get married to Aman in her school uniform at the last minute!

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Last week, we had reported how Neha (Smriti Kalra) will fail to reach her wedding venue before the commencement of the marriage rites in Rajan Shahi’s ‘Itti Si Khushi’.

Her sister Akku (Heena Parmar) will dress up in her bridal wear to salvage the family reputation at the behest of others.

The groom Aman (Anuj Sachdeva) will go about tying the knot unaware of the fact she is not Neha.

In the coming episode, things will take a dramatic turn as Neha will manage an escape from the classroom where she was locked by her teacher.

She will end up reaching her wedding venue just a few moments before Aman and Akku get done with the matrimonial rites.

Neha’s sudden arrival in school uniform will shock everyone and they will chide her for misleading them for attending school.

However, Aman’s family will finally agree to accept Neha as Aman’s bride and get the duo married. The only unusual thing will be Neha taking the pheras in her school uniform albeit with a bridal dupatta to cover her head for the sacred rites.

Now, this is something we’ve never seen before in any show. Looks interesting, isn’t it readers? Are you waiting to watch this episode?

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this is a weird show............seriously....I felt Aman has pedophelia

Why are they marrying off a girl who is mentally 14!!! What a creepy show.

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