Itti Si Khushi: Neha’s godbharai ceremony, Aman’s affair with his colleague & much more happening in the show! (View Pics)

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The forth coming episodes of Rajan Shahi’s ‘Itti Si Khushi’ are going to be help lot interesting and here’s how.

There are some major turning points coming up in the story to spice to the show. First, we will see Neha's (Smriti Kalra)godbharai and Aman's (Anuj Sachdeva) tilak ceremony will be performed at Neha's house. The high point of the episode will be the insult meted out by Kamini dadi to Neha’s family for presenting Aman’s family with unworthy gifts. Neha will face Kamini and engage in an argument with her to salvage her family’s reputation. However, for the first time ever, Dida will upbraid Neha for her action and order her to seek apology from Kamini.

We shall also witness a rift being created between Neha and Aman when the bride-to-be’s school friends Govinda and Rashi will turn up at her mehendi and sangeet ceremony.

The principal of Neha and Aman’s school, who will be present during the celebrations, would disapprove of the children’s’ presence at the festive do. He will report this matter to Aman to draw his attention. Aman will feel embarrassed and will seek an explanation from Neha. This will result in a tiff between the soon-to-be-wedded couple.

Things will get even sourer when Neha’s school buddies will feed her with the gossip doing rounds that Aman is dating the new chemistry teacher named Chandani. Neha will get jealous and angry to hear the news and would question Aman to get into the root of the matter.

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