Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Another love story taking shape in the show!

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In the recent episode, we saw the Singhanias as well as the Maheshwaris happily enjoying Naitik (Karan Mehra) and Akshara’s (Hina Khan) haldi ceremony. Naitik’s family generously smear his face with turmeric and derive great pleasure in doing so ad pulling his leg at the same time.

Nandini’s MIL Rukmani, out her habit of poking her nose in others’ matters, asks Rashami to remarry. However, Rashami gives Rukmani a piece of her mind and insults her for being rude. Naitik, Bhabhima and Nandini pacify Rukmani and seek her apology on Rashami’s behalf.

On the other hand, the Singhanias wait for Naksh and Yash to arrive with the haldi applied on Naitik. Yash anxiously waits to reach the Singhania house to meet his heartthrob Sanju. Naksh senses Yash’s eagerness and pulls his leg about his intentions. Yash blushes at Naksh’s remark and chooses to stay mum. At the Maheshwari residence, Sanju waits to see Yash. Ananya notices the anxiety in Sanju and teases her.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Sanju (Vaishali Takkar) and Yash’s (Sanchit Sharma) romance taking a new turn as they will propose to each other and open up about their feelings. Ananya and Naksh will witness the event and cheer up for them. However, we have to wait and see how the elders react to this development. Will they be shocked to see how their children have come of age, or will they readily accept the alliance?

Stay tuned to find out.

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