“DANCE KI UMAR NAHI HOTI” Remember when this gentleman channeled his inner GOVINDA at a sangeet function?

WATCH this viral video of a Govinda fan dancing to his tunes.
"DANCE KI UMAR NAHI HOTI" Remember when this gentleman channelled his inner GOVINDA at a sangeet function? In a sangeet ceremony back in 2018, a middle-aged man decided to do a dance performance of his favourite actor and became an overnight sensation. Mr. Sanjeev Shrivastava had the moves of a Bollywood star. "I finally saw the videos. I saw how he was dancing and I really liked what he was doing. I have come to know that he is a professor and his name in Sanjeev Shrivastava. The way he has copied my steps, he has done it so well. He is so much into it. More than half a dozen heroes have copied my steps, and nobody has done it so well! It felt like he was dancing with all his heart and having fun. And his wife also seemed like she was smiling ‘mann-hi-mann mein’. It was a treat watching them dance like this," shared Govinda in an interview with Indian Express. Watch the viral video now.


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