Here’s all you need to know about Rhea Chakraborty

From starting her career as a VJ to dating late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, find out the actress' lesser-known facts.

Rhea Chakraborty is one of the most gorgeous actors in the industry. Chakraborty began her career working as a VJ on MTV. In 2013, she made her Bollywood acting debut with the film Mere Dad Ki Maruti. In 2014 she played the loose character of Sonali in Sonali Cable. In 2017 she appeared in YRF's Bank Chor. She also did cameo appearances in Half Girlfriend and Dobaara: See Your Evil. In 2018 she appeared in Jalebi opposite debutante Varun Mitra. She is also really active on social media and shares her stylish pics, selfies and much more. Check out the star's interesting facts that will leave you surprised.


I feel so so sad for SSR. He was so nice so innocent and people around him seemed so toxic. After seeing her video with that vulgar Mahesh Bhatt make me feel that she was just using SSR. But, After realising that he is fighting his own battles, just left him. In fact probably because of her, he lost all the films. Who knows..Just feel so so sorry for SSR..

Yes I see her fault she could have inform his parents about his illness

She has been using him .. shamelessly b****

why did she remove all sushant related posts from insta if she was going to marry him

Whats wrong with people in calling Rhea names. She lost her boyfriend, cut her some slack. Sushant had mental issues and took his own life. People sitting and commenting here won't be able to live someone with depression but preaching others. If anyone Sushant's family should be with him and he was the one who left Ankita. It's so wrong to blame someone else for his suicide. She is someone's daughter, sister too. Just because something is written about her with Mahesh Bhatt doesn't make it true. You guys get a life and don't push someone so that they also end their life.

I hate her.She didn't loved SSR at all. She is so cheap and bad. Her intimate photos with Mahesh buddha are the proff. You go to hell...Rhea. You are the main cause of RRS death. You and your oldmen boyfriend will get the punisment soon or later. Wait !!!

Sorry, we don't want to know anything about her. She deserves to be forgotten.

If this opportunistic female Rhea 29 or 30 yrs old...if was really going to marry sushant in December..why there was no sign of grief on her face...Look at the way she walked into police station for 9 hours grlling interrogation... she paraded taking ostentatious strides as if she's participating in some beauty pageant like,miss universe. Her diabolic plans to use Sushant by being director of hos companiesas again used sushant as stepping stone for scaling heights in bollywood .All her avaricious DIABOLIC plans failed that's why she did not return Sushant's call even upto 11 am the next day.

Really ??? You found her parading with ostentatious strides?? Just goes to show people only see what they want to see and more often than not what you see or how you see things is a reflection of yourself. FYI Sushant asked her to leave. Also Sushant dumped Ankita and then Kriti.We all are extremely saddened by his demise but to put him on a pedestal (which is fine) at the cost of completely destroying others without an iota of proof ,is just plain nasty. Be the change you want to see!!!

Meet your match Sooraj Pancholi.

She can go to Hell. Which will be waiting after she will fade and ditched by butts.

Bloody B**ch!! Characterless Women I just Hate U

Mahesh buddha's concubine.

Na ine jodi

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