Karisma Kapoor snapped as she visits her sister Kareena Kapoor Khan

Ranbir Kapoor’s obsession with number 8 is evident. Watch on to know more.

Ranbir Kapoor can be seen wearing a jersey with his initials and a no. 8 printed on it as he rolls out of his car which also has the same number. Well! there’s a little story behind the number ‘8’. A source close to the family once revealed that the Kapoors - Rishi, Neetu and Ranbir, consider 8 as their lucky digit. When Ranbir purchased his first jeep back in the late 2000s, the number plate was a one digit, '8'. "It's also because it coincides with Neetu's birthday, July 8, and everyone in the family makes sure that the registration number totals up to it," a source close to them added pointing out that even Ranbir's football jerseys and personalised caps always have the same number. More on this spotted series of the day, so watch on!


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