Kriti Sanon: Here’s the journey and struggles of the self-made star

WATCH this video which reveals the journey of Kriti Sanon into the limelight.
Kriti Sanon did not enter Bollywood by any influence but on her own merit and hard work. And naturally, her journey was not as smooth from the beginning. Today, she's created a space of her own thanks to her incredible performances and commercially successful films. However, Kriti Sanon reveals how she had to battle her own fears of self-doubt and struggle to make it big. She also discusses a situation when she was replaced by a star kid and how her relatives felt that once she enters the industry, no one will marry her. Watch the story of the incredible star who fought all odds and made a place for her in Bollywood.


Proud of her

Kriti sanon mam is a big inspiration for today's generation girls for being independent

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