Mira Rajput shares HACK to her flawless hair which includes home-made hibiscus hair oil

Published on Oct 16, 2020 10:53 PM IST  |  365.8K

Mira who is dealing with post-partum hair loss, frizziness dropped a video sharing her deep secrets to combat all the problems. In the video, Mira talks about how she prepared her own hair oil using herbal and beneficial ingredients like hibiscus flowers and fenugreek seeds. Talking about her post-pregnancy hair loss and how they are now growing back again, taming newly grown hair can be difficult, Mira shares a ‘strange’ yet tried and tested hack. The tool is borrowed from Shahid’s beard kit and it’s a beard comb. Mrs Kapoor exclaimed, “I noticed that Shahid used to use it for his beard and it would help it set. I decided to see how it would work for my baby hair because the hair is small and thin, and this really helps to tame the flyaways”. Mira lately has been connecting with her audience through sharing personal hacks, tips and tricks that she swears by.