Virat Kohli share an incident when he left Anushka Sharma behind upon hearing a fan call out his name

When Virat Kohli left his ‘DHARAM PATNI’ in Bhutan. Watch!

Indian football star, Sunil Chhetri along with India cricket team captain Virat Kohli interacted with fans over a live chat show called Eleven On Ten. Virat during the chat spilled many secrets about his relationship with Anushka Sharma, the most hilarious being the incident when he left Anushka behind after hearing a fan called out his name. The ace cricketer told Sunil Chhetri a funny anecdote related to his Bhutan trip and told that Anushka did not talk to him after this. In the live chat, Sunil Chhetri asked Virat what had happened in Bhutan that he had to escape leaving his wife? Watch the video to know the complete details.


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