When Shraddha Kapoor adorably kissed a little fan as she arrived at the airport

Watch this cute throwback video of Shraddha Kapoor with a fan.

When Shraddha Kapoor adorably kissed a little fan as she arrived at the airport. Shraddha who was promoting her film Street Dancer 3D back in January this year was spotted at the airport when a bunch of fans came to click pictures with her. Among them was this little girl who also stood next to Shraddha. Shraddha was surprised by the little girl who was waiting patiently for her to arrive and she gave her a peck on the head. Shraddha is  humble and gives a lot of credit to her fans for her success. Watch this video to know more.


You are real laving girl best wishes shraddha

My ideal shardha g

Shraddie is always good..Apparently it shows her character...keep going shraddie

Very good shraddha.

so sweet and kind of shraddha

So good shradda

That is so beautiful of shaadha

That is so beautiful of shaadha

I think this is before covid time coz noone is wearing mask

So sweet.shrdha

Kissing in Covid times. Stupid!! The parents of the child must be very worried

U r stupid if did u read it is a throwback

it wasnt in covid times stupid and the mother only came to take a photo with her dont talk if you dont know

Damn you're probably the stupid one here. Of course it's before COVID. So next time, don't blabber anything you want

Actually,it's u who is really a stupid!
This was before covid (in January).
Can't u see that they have already mentioned that she was promoting streetdancer

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