“FAKE COVID CERTIFICATE LOG BANATE HAIN” Rakhi Sawant on increasing cases in the city

Published on Apr 06, 2021 03:26 PM IST  |  117.1K
"FAKE COVID CERTIFICATE LOG BANATE HAIN; Usko bhi ho gaya, we go to the gym together " Rakhi Sawant seems to have an answer to the rise in cases again. Rakhi Sawant was spotted outside her gym yesterday by our shutterbugs and the actress was shocked to hear the names of celebs who tested positive especially Vicky Kaushal since they go to the same gym. The actress shared that the reason a lot of people are getting tested positive is due to fake RT-PCR certificates. People who travel have to show these certificates at the airport and they make fake ones because they don't want to give Rs 700-800 or Rs 1200. Rakhi also requested everyone to keep wearing their masks all the time no matter what and shared she will pray for Vicky.