Covid-19 duty doctor Quresha reveals what she does in a day

Let's take a sneak peek into the lives of a doctor who works day in and out! Watch.

How every day is for a doctor on COVID 19 duty feat Dr. Quresha M Qureshi. The real heroes of our country are our doctors who are working tirelessly every day to keep the patients safe. Today we bring to you a video that showcases what chores a doctor on COVID 19 duty does daily. Dr. Quresha M Qureshi, who is a senior doctor at Pardi Hospital, Valsad, reveals how dealing with COVID 19 positive pregnant women is and how one needs to be cautious during pregnancy in the pandemic as the same can lead to complications. Ever since the pandemic broke in the country, Dr. Qureshi has helped to deliver 300 babies out of which 20 were of COVID 19 positive mothers. Being a senior doctor, she even has to stay on call 24/7. Today take a look at how she manages her day.


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