Hina Khan on meeting Priyanka Chopra, love life, Cannes debut on Pinkvilla Time Machine

Hina Khan gets candid with us in this exclusive interview. Watch

Hina Khan is known for breaking the glass ceiling in the past 3 years with her choices. After her successful stint in YRKKH, she went on to do Bigg Boss which added to her popularity. In our chats with her, Hina has opened up on the criticism she faced, her journey, her Cannes debut and meeting Priyanka Chopra.


oh really? Are we the ones making them actors or you? Just for entertainment purpose we have to watch some movies even when the movie turns out to be shit. Arjun Kapoor, ranbir kapoor are such a useless actors and do so many flop movies, were we the ones who made them actors. You bollywood has another life, far better lifestyle and money as compared to us. This is the reason you don't even know what we the audience wants. Nepotism shit is shoved down our throats which we are complaining about and tell me what is the impact on the bollywood after knowing how much we hate nepotism

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