Sushant Singh Rajput was murdered with his dog’s belt; he changed after Rhea entered, says ex assistant

Sushant Singh Rajput’s former close aide Ankit Acharya makes some shocking revelations about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. The late actor’s ex-assistant feels that Sushant was murdered. Watch the video to know what all Ankit Acharya has to say.

Sushant Singh Rajput's death investigation is getting murkier by the day. After his lawyer, family members, friends, now his former close aide Ankit Acharya, who used to be his personal assistant staying with him 24*7 has made shocking revelations that can solve the puzzle. Ankit talks about how Sushant was a lively person always having fun before Rhea Chakraborty entered his life. He also discusses how unceremoniously he was asked to not come back to work, and reveals that he believes it's a murder and the culprits used Sushant's pet dog Fudge's belt to strangulate him to death. Calling for a fair trial, Ankit also urges the culprits to be punished and given a death sentence.


Rhea sukh bhare din beet Gaye aub Jail hi jail hai start planning how to manipulate the jailer take your budda BHAT with you apeny godhi mai sulayega lori gayega

Siddhart is too involved he is a big planner ..abi tak chup h case ghumma raha h

This has become a trial by media, its not right to call people murders before a proper investigation is done

Its not trial by media, the mumbai police are the worst police dept in the world. Every suspicious celebrity autopsy has been done at mumbai policy's favorite hospital Cooper hospital. And for every such autopsy, the same Cooper hospital has fucked up so many times - they didn't video record the autopsy & they didn't preserve the fingernail samplings of sushant nor jiah khan. Mumbai police are the most corrupt police dept in the world - rhea & the investigating cops were in touch. The cop should have recuse himself if he had been in touch with rhea before the sushant's death. There's no protocol followed

Look at all their actions Rhea was the mastermind and Siddarth Pathani was with promised money or relationship with Rhea because Rhea is a wild type and doesn’t want to beak away from Sushant .

We need to listen carefully when Siddarrh said that he didn’t know why Rhea left but arches told him to take care of Sushant so he give him meds and he got weak and but they cloth before police and anyone came!

They have hit him on eye n on his knee and then strangled with belt

Why is Dhoni Quiet? Is it because he doesn't care, or he doesn't Ruffle feathers of some of his friends, with whom he Parties!
Seems a Rhea is the Face of the Crime ; but there is much more involved!

MS Dhoni should comment

how ankit knows its Fudges belt?

Well on Sushant’s neck was a mark noticed but nit from when you hung your self so s good guess ! Fight for justice look at these people Rhea , Siddarth, flatmate guy , he was the last and first to found Sushant before and after with Rhea’s plan.

That’s why Rhea left 6 days before his death and Pathani said in an interview that Rhea told him to take care of Sushant so he continue giving him the meds. They plan this to murder him after they took all his money !

These people are murderers!! They planned it well and think they can get away with murder. Sushant was tired with a controlling Rhea so she tried her best to drug him and then wanted to get rid of him , walk out on a person and told Siddarth to take care of him. Siddarth Patani knee a lot since he claimed he found Sushant first and cut him down really Pathani????

I knew this all along that it was a plot and that why Rhea left 6 days before and was framing him that he was taking meds and the flat mate who didn’t know what was going on found Sushant first so why he didn’t wait fir the police to cut the cloth why he was present before he called the sister and the police. Poor Sushant doesn’t deserve . Rhea and Siddarth knee everything !! Murderers!!!

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