Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naitik to do for Naman what Lord Ram did for Bharat in Ramayana!

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Insecurity has crept into Naman (Anshul Pandey) and Karishma’s (Priyanka Udhwani) head as they can see Naitik (Karan Mehra) and Akshara (Hina Khan) getting more importance and rights at the work and the home front. Naman and Karishma were glad to have Naitik and Akshara back home after 10 long years of their exile to Cape Town; but, the competitive streak, ambitions and jealousy have replaced feelings of togetherness and love.

So now, Naman, who has worked hard in Naitik’s absence to carve his own niche in the Singhania business, can’t stand his step-brother Naitik gaining foothold so quickly. Adding fuel to the fire of Naman’s survival instincts is his wife Karishma who keeps on instigating him to compete with Naitik. Akshara, on the other hand, has the habit of overlooking the faults of others, has no clear idea what’s cooking up in Karishma and Naman’s head. She is, meanwhile, busy sorting her son Naksh’s (Rohan Mehra) life by secretly helping him pursue his passion for business and manage studies as well.

In the recent episode, however, things got worse when Naitik tries sorting the issue between Naman and him. However, Naman unleashed his anger at Naitik by calling him a dominating person who can control others and thanks Karishma for opening his eyes. It gets worse when Naman admits regretting having Naitik back at work. Naitik gets extremely hurt by such vengeful statements; but refrains from sharing his sorrow with Akshara. Instead, he spends the whole night thinking about the discord.

In the upcoming episode, Naitik will decide to cut off the root cause of the problem by giving away his property to Naman. This will leave Naman shocked and stupefied. However, whether or not Karishma and Naman will go a change of heart perceiving the extent of Naitik’s self-sacrificing love for them is still a mystery.

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