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Jan 06, 2022

Winter staples to steal from Ananya Panday 

Beanie Hat

A woollen beanie hat is Ananya Panday’s way of saying that winter has finally arrived!

Image: Ananya Panday instagram

Teddy Coat

To bundle up during those extremely cold days, Ananya likes to keep a teddy coat closer

Image: Ananya Panday instagram

Trendy Sweater

She definitely has a multicoloured sweater that is equal parts stylish and cosy at the same time

Image: Ananya Panday instagram

Fishnet Stockings

And her black fishnet stockings are totally steal-worthy, no?

Image: Ananya Panday instagram

Statement Sweater

Her tie-dye sweater with huge safety-pin fastenings is perfect for all those not-so-cold winter days

Image: Ananya Panday instagram

Vibrant Pullover

To add some pop of colour, Panday likes to include a bright-hued pullover in her winter wardrobe

Image: Pinkvilla

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a winter must-have to elevate your outdoor look and Ananya agrees with us

Image: Pinkvilla

Bright-hued Hoodie

And she also gives her stamp of approval to a candy pink hoodie

Image: Pinkvilla 

Cropped Jacket

She believes that a cropped neon jacket can add vibrancy and warmth to your outdoor look

Image: Pinkvilla

Winter Boots

Lastly, winter is not winter without a pair of knee-high black boots!

Image: Pinkvilla 

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